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We're NOT a band. We are an award winning, critically acclaimed story telling group using actors, mikes, sound effects, original orchestral score. Our stories are original or classic pulp fiction sci-fi, horror, adventure tales, from King Kong to War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, Dracula, etc.


We have performed for the past FIVE years in NYC and are nominated every year for Best Performance Group and have won Best Music and Best Sound Design. We are totally unique because we utilize a new music software that enables us to sound like a fully scored movie live on stage. We are influenced by the Golden Years of Radio drama shows, but, have blended that with a 21st Century technology. Our stories are cinematic and could never be produced in a traditional play format. Yet, our set up is simple and resembles a musical group, rather than a traditional play. RadioTheatre continually performs in NYC and has a large repertoire of works to draw from.


Podcasts can be found on our website:

Set List

Our shows usually run 75-80min