Radiovacana has become one of the most sought after outfits in the West. Many have been yearning for a taste of their Afro-Latin-Funk fusion. Vocals span various languages, providing a message that includes everyone. Their infectious dancefloor anthems are heavily textured with youthful zeal.


This Latin-Caribbean-Afro-funk dectet had a lot of trouble deciding a name for themselves (understandably), so they took it to the people. Their first-ever concert was one part guerilla takeover (it was in a tiny pub with over 180 people), one part butt shaking groovefest, one part band-naming contest. But the fans started guessing names before they heard that groovefest, and came up with gems like Where’s the Con Carne, The Cusp of Loins, and Latino (sic) Orgasum. So after the show, the band decided on Radiovacana — vacana being "swank" in South American slang. The ten of them realized that's what the crowd really wanted to call them, if they knew South American slang.

As if this wasn’t enough to set them apart from just about everyone out there, we get to the artists who create the movement. Their backgrounds vary from Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Yemen, Scotland & Wales, India, Ukraine, Spain, Hungary and of course, Canada. Ages range from 19 to 31. Crossing barriers and borders is a way of life for their families and themselves. It's clear why the music follows suit.


Songs available for download:

Samba Corazon Callao

Candela Live at the Sidetrack - Feb, 2006

A Little Beat

Set List

Our typical set length is one to 2 hours. We comfortably do 2 sets of material an evening, either with a break or as one solid 2 hour set. 95% of our material are original compositions developed by the band.