Los Angeles, California, USA

Timeless arena Euro-rock anthems, fused with alternative feel-good rock n' roll, with a global message


Their sound is a cross between Coldplay & Kings of Leon, with Jacob Dylan-like vocals.

The band was founded in 2006, and released their first Self Titled EP with six well crafted songs that landed placements in shows such as: One Tree Hill, Victoria Secret, Las Vegas, and feature film Finding Bliss.

Spring 2009, the band began working with producer Stephen Short (Paul McCartney, Queen, Peter Gabriel) on their next release Crossing Over EP. Crossing Over was independently released and gained the support slot for the 2010 Everclear Canadian tour.

2010, RADIUS teamed up with producer David Holman (No Doubt, Bush) releasing single, Just Say, that won an award in the International Songwriting competition.

2012, RADIUS is back to the studio writing & recording their first full-length album, titled, Skyline, releasing fall 2012.

"Our purpose is write honest music that inspires lives around the world"


• Radius (2008)
• Crossing Over EP (2009)- Stephen Short, producer
• Just Say (2010) - David J Holman, producer
• Skyline (new album) (coming October 2012)

Set List

Usual set list:

Crossing Over
My World
Make It Right
Just Say
Touching Down

plus 10 more if needed

Set length 30-75min (depending on venue)