Radon Moon

Radon Moon

 Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

Radon Moon is a psychedelic rock band influenced by both classic rock bands like Pink Floyd and the new art rock bands like Animal Collective and Liars. Some have said that their music can take on anxious qualities like Radiohead and some of their lyrics about the modern state bare similarities.


Radon Moon consists of five members who all grew up together in the small river town of Edgewater. The group has been together for roughly six years and has changed and developed with the times as the face of music has changed tremendously too in the past few years.
Their earlier sound (Album: She Was the Sun) was characterized by aggressive rock tendencies and emotional lyrics, and during this phase they were quite popular in Daytona among fans of heavier music.
As they developed in their taste and expanded their musical libraries, they began to adopt more of a tempered sound, focusing on melody, thoughtful lyrics, and sonic landscapes.
The main purpose of Radon Moon has always been to make a new sound that is itself an original creation. For them, this involves staying informed of the forefront of music while maintaining integrity and originality.
Because of the band's wide tastes, more recent show goers have described Radon Moon's performance as being eclectic and dynamic. With the freedom and confidence to slip between genres to reach different emotional states, Radon Moon seeks not to be A rock band but rather THE rock band that can satisfy many different types of aesthetics and tastes during a given performance.


She Was the Sun- LP (2006)
Black Magic Rainfall- Single (2009

Set List

1. Memorial Daze
2. Dark Mark
3. Lonely Traveler
4. Tragedy
5. Bastard
6. Rabbit Cage
7. Black Magic Rainfall