Rae Faith

Rae Faith

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A multi-faceted singer/song-writer, who's influence and sound ranges from folk and indie rock to R&B, Jazz, Blues, and hip-hop. Known for her brutally honest lyrics as well as her ability to creat angelic back ground vocals


With an ability to rock jazz lounges and poetry readings, as well as rock venues and hip-hop clubs, Rae Faith, born Rachel Faith Weltberger, is a student of versitility. From Sade to Jimi Hendrix, Rae Faith wears her influences on her sleeve. A singer/song-writer/poet from Cincinnati, OH., Rae Faith attended the Cincinnati School of the Creative and Performing Arts. She moved on to singing on various local and national releases, spanning across different genres. Locally, she's played at such prestegious events and venues as Fountain Square, the Mockbee, Mad Hatter, and the University of Cincinnati. She's shared the stage alongside such acts as the Nappy Roots, Jessica Care Moore, Mood, Tanya Morgan, and Ill Poetic. In 2008, Rae Faith joined Ill Poetic's QueenCity Soul Rock, a hybrid band of rock, soul, funk, and hip-hop, as a back-up singer (even playing at 2008's Midpoint Music Festival). She began to headline the band on key shows, as they fit tightly around her multi-genre influence.

Rae Faith is currently working on her debut album, set for release in 2011.


Features on:

Ill Poetic - Illumination (2005)
Tanya Morgan - Moonlighting (2006)

..as well as various collaborations with Donte of Mood, Illogic, Holmskillit, and more.

Set List

All originals. Set list is about 30 mins long