A combination of Tom Waits and Chemical Brothers along with Breakbeat Guitar and Tribal Percussion.


Convicted of thought crimes on Rigel 7 and sentenced to indefinite confinement on Earth planet.
Learned to play music to pass time until release.


An Unintended Ending

Written By: Steven DeBevec

An Unintended Ending

No one knows, without a doubt
How that accidental incident, came about
And who heard a hurt heart’s discount amount
Thrown south bound, out the downspout.

Well, if just a few of the new crew
Knew the true hoodoo:
Our sound would surround
All around up and downtown.

Instead they misread and
Cross-threaded the Blockhead,
And so our friends can’t comprehend
How to extend or even transcend,
The end that they themselves intend …

I’ve got two too many deuces
Of a borrowed caliber
And not a lot of produce
For tomorrow’s hungers
So I’ve not got a use
For a narrow answer
Thought to reduce the
Sorrow transfer

No, none knows, never ever throughout
How the actual facts came out
About what came to be about,
A hard heart’s dumbfounded rebound
Found southbound, going upside-down

But back before even then,
Just a few of the crew
Knew the true Voodoo:
So for two sort of short sounds
We crowned up and downtown …

Repeating, they had said,
“Drop beats on drum heads …”
Our spirits ascend
To extend their end
The end that they intend.

The Lonely Spaceport

Written By: Steven DeBevec

An Indie film, from the 21st century’s mid-Teens (2012), based on the defective memory of an old Twilight Zone episode that itself originated from a short story by Franz Kafka. Soundtrack makes effective use of an obscure 90’s novelty tune “Always Almost Arriving.”

This was the first of a series of unrelated films from different directors, that used almost exclusively, a continuous first person point of view in an effects driven “real-time” editing style.

As the film starts, you’re getting off your flight into a newly constructed very modern airport - you have a long distance to go to make your flight - you are late because your flight ran into nausea inducing, bumpy weather coming in - so you are dodging and shifting your path quickly - but because it’s newly constructed there’s all these detours to go through - these ‘employee only’ corridors into hallways - nothing is marked and the doors are all locked - except for the stairway which is blocked with a sign that says BANGEN SADURN REGURM (which makes no sense) …
… so you go up the stairs all the way up to the sixth floor - but your only choice is to go through an unusual high-tech door - it opens toward you and then another slides away into the wall - you emerge from an obscure doorway just off a hallway into this futuristic loading area - you try to see where you are, as the door behind you slides back into the wall - you turn around to see where you came from to go back, but even the seam of the doorway just seems to disappear into the wall design - so you go around the corner to see if there’s another way to get back in and you end up going down this long modern gray-chrome walkway …
--- seeing all these alien humanoids in-front of these abstract combination Temple/Food kiosk selling strange insect-like jellyfish-flowers they are, consuming - you are totally fascinated by the total unexpectedness of it - you don’t really notice that you are moving effortlessly into much larger concourse - you notice a polished mineral floor embedded micro-diamonds - and as you look up, you come to a transparent railing - you look to the level below - it seems to stretch toward the horizon as it rises on a slight incline …
… then it drops down below eye level, just there at the limit of vision where the movements of the people are all blurry and indistinct - and you refocus your eyes to the present moment and you realize, … you are lost.

And as you slowly turn completely around, all the overwhelming depth of movement and activity, all around you in every direction without center - you see this spaceport is much bigger and so mysteriously, horrifying-beautiful that it's impossible to all take in - so you become fascinated by something you must see closer you are drawn to move to see more of it

… and so you keep traveling onward - seeing just stranger and stranger looking creatures from other worlds, and they’re in some kind of serious inter-species, inter-racial drama, but there’s no human beings, …
… until after some time you see this inviting, relaxing café and you feel just have to sit down - as soon as you walk through the door, you see her - the first human you’ve seen here - a grown-up version of that girl in Third grade you and everyone had a crush on - and she recognizes you and smiles and stands up and comes over to kiss you on the cheek …
… you wake up and the air flight you’re on is about to land and it’s time to pack up - so you rush to get ready - then you get off the plane at the modern part of the airport - there are all these detour signs pointing you to another part of the building - you are really starting to totally freak-out when your friend taps you on your shoulder, you turn around, thinking that maybe it’s just another one of your head trips and your friend says,
“Doesn’t this seem like deja-vu all over again?”
“… all over again?”
“… all over again?”
“… all over again?”

Highway 61 Remixed

Written By: B. Dylan / S. DeBevec

Highway 61 Remixed

God said to Abraham,
“Kill me a son.”
Abe said, “Man, you must be putting me on!”
God say, “No.”
Abe say, “What?”
And God said,
“You can do what you want Abe,
“But the -
"next time you see me coming,
"you better run!”
Abe says,
“Where you want this killing done?”
"God said, “Out on Highway "Sixty-One!”

Well, God say to Noah,
“Man, build me a Boat,”
“We gotta tote away those
"experimental goats
"we underwrote!”
Noah says, “Seems inhumane -
“But what you can in a hurricane!”
And God say,
“It’s not as nice as paradise,
“But still it’s a sweet sight to stay …
“And you can get ‘Such a deal,’
"on all you survey,
“When you head on out,
"the Route - Sixty-one Highway …”

[Moses ]
The bush burned for Moses saying,
“Man make my men free!”
Moses say, “You got a remedy,
"for this enemy sorcery?”
Well, God say, “Ten!”
So Moses say, “Well, then when?”
And God say,
“If you strive to stay alive -
“There’s a little
"archaic, Aramaic, algebraic cliché,
"you just gotta portray …
“But if you want to bum the rush,
"well what can I say?”
“Run the Red Sea Bypass,
"to the number Sixty-One,
"Highway ... ”

Well the devil say to Job,
“Whatever - Curse God and die!”
Job says “Looking eye to eye,
"I mostly won’t buy into that lie!”
So God say, “Cut!”
Devil says “Nuts!”
And God say,
“This show is Good Cop - Bad Cop,
“Not some reality-style -
‘Passion Play.’”
“So okay, stay away from risqué,
“If you want it to play
"on the number Six One Skyway …“

[Joseph ]
Well God say to Joseph,
“Have the Cats save the grain.”
“You gotta alotta humans coming,
"with hunger pains.”
Devil says “It’s my bad?”
God says “It’s all good.”
And God say,
“Dream Hieroglyphs are
"Hero's Gifts!”
"Can’t you see what I’m saying, son?”
“Stay sound, if you essay risky fun:
“Straying south, down Highway,
"Sixty-One! … “

Stay sound,
If you essay,
Risky fun:
Straying south,
Down Highway,
Sixty - One ……


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