Rafael Green

Rafael Green

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Rafael Green has been described with comparisons to some of the most original artists of our decade such as Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Thom Yorke, Muse, and Michael Jackson. A captivating performer, Green blends multiple genres to craft songs that are both extraordinary and memorable.


"Rafael Green writes catchy, complex, beautiful music that sticks in your head, and his voice is divine."
Rosemary Holland - former A&R director at Sony Music, New York.

“Rafael Green's talent is surprising. Coming from a family of musicians and artists one expects to see the skills that are natural in his case, but artistic creation is not common in this world of imitators; his songs seem to come from a deep, mysterious source, his powerful inner world is immediately attractive yet absolutely original. I see a combination of vocal talent, extremely convincing poetic voice and an essential drive to produce something new and stirring.”
Paul Desenne - Composer (Guggenheim Fellow, Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University)

Rafael Green was born in Essen, Germany, the son of a cellist and a violinist. Before he was one year old his parents brought him to England where he lived until the age of seven. From the cold and gray of London, he then moved with his mother to the mountains and deserts of Tucson, Arizona. It was in his last year of highschool after performing with the school band that he began to apply himself obsessively to honing his skills as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. Previously torn between his enthusiasm for composing music and writing, Rafael was inspired by great songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst and Elliott Smith to bring his two passions together and concentrate on writing songs in popular form. Rafael is now a student at Berklee College of Music and is currently gigging around Boston and the Triangle area of North Carolina with his group. His Through The Open Door EP will be available online in December, 2010 through bandcamp.com.
Rafael Green has been described by listeners with comparisons to such original artists as Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Thom Yorke, Muse, and Michael Jackson. Whether performing solo or with accompaniment, Rafael Green's guitar styling and unique voice captivate fans of many different genres.


Seasons Of The Soul

Written By: Rafael Green

Today sorrow is my body
Tomorrow love is my life
And today I pray for salvation
Tomorrow clothe myself in white
Today I'll leave it up to fate
But it's just a ploy
She will offer reassurance
When you need it most
In her garden you will forever be
Here rose
After centuries of war on life
Not with tear or tooth or gun or knife
Has the sun been made to change it's course
Nor dead ones raised up from the earth
For tomorrow's sake today was lost
And I'll give up whatever I have to gain
If I can give up the addiction to pain
If the parasite still needs to feed
It's not getting my despair, hatred, or greed
And she'll be there to hear all you have to share
And she'll be there through all the season of the earth
And the soul


Through The Open Door (2010)
Christmas Tree (single, 2010)