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"Rafe Hollister's 'Stimulus Package'"

"North Carolina's Rafe Hollister bring their self-described "Mountain Rock" sound to a new record entitled Stimulus Package, released this past december on Blue Ridge Records. Tails of moonshine, Nascar and all things rural run thru this album, sung with amusing slack-jawed swagger by lead vocalist/guitarist Sam Brinkley. Some would call this music Alternative Country, and I guess that's as good a label as any, but there are also hints of Bluegrass, Folk and Southern Rock. The recording sometimes sounds a bit lo-fi, but all in all a strong release from these Asheville natives, with great harmonies and musicianship, inventive arrangements and original songwriting. A stimulating package indeed." - Twang Nation Music Blog

"Head For The Hills"

" ....Driving hillbilly rock that makes you want to dance a jig and drink corn liquor in the morning, Rafe Hollister is the real deal." - Americana Roots

"Rafe Hollister"

"I recently had the pleasure of seeing Rafe Hollister perform their gritty, down home music live for the first time and I must say that I was quite surprised by their high energy and twisted Southern humor. Most bands in this genre are rather serious types who stay relatively calm on stage, but not these boys. They bring full-tilt rock 'n' roll energy and attitude to their live shows in a way that I've never seen from any other roots music band. Even when they played old bluegrass standards like 'Tennessee Stud', it was more like punk rock with fiddles and mandolins. Their set was mostly Rafe originals, that had the crowd dancing and getting kinda rowdy, which is what this band seems to thrive on. With their ever present North Carolina flag behind them, Rafe Hollister did us Southerners proud with a tight and lively set of good old foot stomping music. I highly recommend you catch them live, they'll make sure a good time is had by all." - Rural Rhythm Live Music Reviews


Self-Titled LP Released 2005
Stimulus Package LP Released 2009



The Rafe Hollister Band was born in 2005 in the mountains of Maggie Valley, N.C. After a year of rehearsing and recording, the final line-up came together. Most of the band members spent their early years in rock bands, which now gives the boys their own unique sound that they call Mountain Rock, describing their use of traditional bluegrass instruments to create Rafe's brand of roots music. Known for their high-octane live shows and quality musicianship, the band has riled up crowds at more festivals, clubs, prisons and house parties than you can shake a stick at, developing a loyal following along the way. The new album entitled "Stimulus Package" is an eclectic mix of original songs ranging from bluegrass, rock, folk, blues, punk and country. In the lyrics you'll hear tales of heartbreak, moonshine, scarecrows, lard, Nascar, gospels, albiners, poking things with a stick, cows, parole, missing teeth, illiteracy, staring at the sun, possums, hoedowns, tractors, pig fights, gambling, hillbillies, chicken spit, horsepower, losers, trucks, city folk, family trees that don't branch, trailer parks, coon dogs, minimum wage, Bigfoot, camouflage, food stamps, Uncle Daddy, Skoal rings, dirt naps, bootleggers, Ford vs. Chevy, overalls, mullets, fancy book learnin', hair loss, The Man, gibberish, manual labor, squirrels, loitering, pocket knives, feuds and various other subjects that make up life in rural Appalachia. It's just mountain grown, Southern bred, honky tonkin' rock at it's purest. Rafe Hollister has a reputation for high energy performances and mighty fine original music, and they aim to keep it that way.