rafe is a singer/song writer with a focus on piano based alternative rock. Rafe believes that what seperates an amazing band is their ability to write amazing songs, and he tries to keep it simple and do that.


Rafe Malach sees the modern music industry and is deeply saddened. Despite the talent of such modern artists like Matt Mays and Ron Sexmith, Rafe feels that music is straying it’s from the initial magic that made music so amazing to begin with. These days, the bands that get radio play are not the genius songwriters like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, but the more profitable image or taste of the moment bands which guarantee record companies and radio stations a higher estimated value. The same melody structures are used time and time again. The quick rising and falling verses which lead into the screaming chorus seem to lead to brief moments of glory on radio stations and Music Video television shows only to disappear and be replaced weeks later. Who will be remembered from the first decade of the 2000’s? Who is the Joni Mitchell, the voice of our time? Rafe Malach is in a constant effort to reach out to the cosmos and pull back those songs that resonate with the human ear and convince that ear that it is magic. Has he succeeded? While many would claim he has, you will have to decide for yourself.

Rafe Malach has recently returned from Nashville after working with producer Elisha Hoffman, who came to fame through producing for the Sony-Columbia star Alana Grace and wrote the title track for her upcoming album. “Wow, if I could write a song like that when I was his age, who knows where I’d be know.” –Elisha Hoffman. Robbie Roth, (producer and writer of Gavin Creel’s upcoming album and wrote the Music/Lyrics for the touring children’s musical “Barbie Live in Fairytopia”), called a mix CD of Rafe’s songs “Amazing” and calls Rafe an “Amazing Potential”. Jason Goldlist, drummer of the Independent band Mint called Rafe LP the greatest release by a Canadian Artist in 2001. Rafe has packed such venues as The Wave, The Kathedral, and Rum Runners. He has played with such bands as The Brother’s Rise, Muzo and Paris On Fire. He has been accepted into such festivals as M-Fest and UWO festival of the Arts. An original song by Rafe is due to appear on the UWO compilation CD Western Rocks in 2006. Rafe’s tracks were legally downloaded on UWGO (UWO’s file-sharing network) over 1,000 times.

Awards, Garageband
Track of the Day on 3Jul2005 in Modern Rock
Best Programming in Modern Rock, week of 4Jul2005
Best Production in Modern Rock, week of 27Jun2005
Best Lyrics in Modern Rock, week of 4Jul2005
Rocking Track in Modern Rock, week of 27Jun2005
Track of the Day on 1Jul2005 in Pop Punk
Best Mood in Pop Punk, week of 27Jun2005
Most Original in Pop Punk, week of 27Jun2005
Best Lyrics in Pop, week of 11Jul2005
Feel Good Track in Alternative Rock, week of 11Jul2005

General Writing awards
CBC 1 minute six word story contest (Prize included radio play and a value of 30$)
CBC Greatest hockey moment story contest (Prize included story played in Hockey Night in Canada game intermission, and a value of 150$)


We Can Hear You

Written By: Rafe Malach

We can hear you

When revolution got the nod
For seven years we walked with god
But then the darkness had to come
And from the clouds came pouring rain
The words just didn’t sound the same
The doors were closed the magic gone.

And when it’s quiet I think I
Can see that big stage in the sky
On top a lonely figure sings
(And we can hear you)
Over, around the bend.
Up top and back again
I think I’m going to far
To close to diagnose
But I, coulda sworn that I’ve seen a ghost, so
I scream out to the darkness.
(And we can hear you)

At Pere Lachez I say goodbye
Cause if the mojo doesn’t rise
I think I’ve lost my only friend.

Pre Chorus
Breakdown Chorus
Musical interlude


Written By: Rafe Malach

Today I strike it rich
I’m always out of luck
The glass is halfway full
I think that water sucks
The girls in love with me
I think she’s just a flirt
Another day alive
Could be my last on earth
Could be my last on earth

When the world starts to laugh right in your face
And your stuck between a rock and the hardest place

I choose rock
I choose right
I choose long days and cold nights
I choose freedom from democracy,
The Hypocrisy that leaves me all alone.

Another boring day
Look at the hat I found
I’ll jump from mountain peaks
And simply hit the ground
I’ll bet it all on red
And then just walk away
The voices come again
And this is what they say


I’ll introduce myself
If it’s not to cliché
Hello my name is Jeff
And Fred has gone away.


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Set List

Typical set list: (Originals)

Makeshift love
Butterfly in spain
We can hear you
Fairy Story
Devil in Disguise
Moon Cat
Sara G
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Covers we play include Neil Young, Nirvana, Radiohead, Beatles, and many others.