rafe pearlman and the red rose thieves

rafe pearlman and the red rose thieves


The Red Rose Thieves are one of the most powerful, dynamic and eclectic electric live shows around. Think of a jam session between Jeff Buckley and the Doors. The result is haunting, soaring, hypnotic grooves and melodies, guaranteed to steal the hearts of their listeners...


The Red Rose Thieves is one of the most unique of new bands. The combination of influences, from what is best in rock, soul and funk music to the sounds and grooves from of north africa combine to create a dynamic and thrilling live show.
Listeners are captivated from Rafe's sudden solo arias of ancient aramaic prayers to deep hypnotic swampy tribal ballsy grooves...acoustic harmonies to soaring electric rock music, Rafe Pearlman and the Red Rose Thieves are an experience not to miss.


singles, Holiday
EP's Drive by Star
LP In Moment
LP Rafe Pearlman and the Red Rose Thieves
radioplay from Hawaii to California to Seattle

Set List

typical set list:
Spaceship Nowhere
Drive to see my lover
Stole my heart
Swimming Pool
This is life
Temper my Hate
Ya Hadi

acoustic 2 or 3 song set of
Morning in Venice, and the boys, Dust made of stars

cover's: message to rudy "specials" doors "love street"