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Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands | SELF

Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands | SELF
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Spanish passion, Brasilan swing and African beats blended with a Western sound.

Raffa takes you on a multicultural journey: from warm, soft colors to sharp danceable rythms. Influences from flamenco, pop and latin.

View our website: www.raffa.cc

Raffa performed in 2010 at Festival de Parade and some well known Dutch jazz- and popclubs. In september 2010 Raffa presented her debut album “Ven conmigo” in Lux Nijmegen in The Netherlands.

link: www.raffa.cc.

Vocals: Marlies Garritsen
Flamenco guitar: Özgur Topal
Classical guitar: Nick van den Bogaard
Bass: Mathias Breton
Drums and percussion: Tom van Veldhoven

Guest musicians:
Percussion and vocals: Anabell Flebes
Violin: Claudia Valenzuela
Cello: Belen Fernandez Chasco

"RAFFA's debute album 'Ven Conmigo'"

(original text in Dutch: most of it translated to English with Google translate)

Raffa made their appearance in various jazz and pop venues, and was even on display at Festival deParade. The five musicians proved to have enough talent to have an own album to make. The CD release in LUX Nijmegen, home of the band, was therefore well attended. The title "Ven Conmigo" (come with me), already sounds very inviting, just like the picture on the cover adorned. This looks just as passionate and spirited as the music on the CD. A lady surrounded by wisps of smoke, her hand stretched out invitingly to us. This gesture but what we want to.

Marlies Garritsen (vocals) also did a large part of the text writing. To do this she took lessons in Spanish and Portuguese. Her musical inspiration she received from Ojos De Brujo. However, the resemblance with Ojos de Brujo is minimal and this only applies to the choice of genre and language. Marlies hot-stage pressence is also very appropriate, this style just screams for live shows for dancing to be accompanied.
She is surrounded by four musical gentlemen: Ozgur Topal (flamenco guitar), Nick van den Bogaard (classical guitar), Mathias Breton (bass) and Tom van Veldhoven (drums and percussion), each of them brings along his own clear sound. Guest musicians are also used. Although the five band members are instrumental and vocal good enough to stand alone. These additions are also minimal and mainly to the slightly fuller sound to make. Thus, some extra percussion and background vocals used as a cello, trumpet and flugelhorn.

It started with the almost folk-like "Mil Suenos" but soon it turned into a swinging latin sound, with the hot element of the flamenco guitar. Title holder "Ven Conmigo" does its name from the very first notes, we are willing to hand taken to warmer climes by the mix of Brazilian and Spanish passion swing tempered with a touch of jazz that makes for a very hip sound. In 'Baila Baila Maria "we believe the exciting influences of the Gypsy Kings come over to hear. It is sometimes subdued, as for example in "Canção De Viagem", but soon after we are overwhelmed by "Notas Di Mi Camino," and we are surprised about the fact that a predominantly Dutch band such an authentic Southern sounds can put.

There is a little surprise when listening to closer 'Adios' after six minutes when we think we have reached the end we get after some silence, one last serenade taken in response to the classical guitar from Nick van den Bogaard. This hidden track is a RAFFA version of the famous piece' from composer Isaac Albeniz. A better farewell we could not have wished for. Gracias!

number of tracks: 8
Length: 39:21 minutes - MusicFromNL


Ven conmigo (2010)




Spanish passion, Brasilian swing and African beats mixed with Western sounds all fused into a hip sound.

Raffa takes you on a multicultural journey from warm soft sounds, to bright danceable rhythms. You can hear influences of flamenco, pop and latin. The bandmembers are from different nationalities and bring their own cultural and musical background with them.

Raffa played in 2010 at some great venues in The Netherlands, including thefamous travelling "Festival Parade" and various jazz and music venues. On September 18, 2010 Raffa presented in Lux Nijmegen their debut album "Ven conmigo."

This year Raffa is preparing for their second album.

Link: www.raffa.cc.

Vocals: Marlies Garritsen (Holland)
Flamenco guitar: Ozgur Topal (Turkey)
Classical Guitar: Nick van den Bogaard (Holland)
Bass: Mathias Breton (France)
Drums and percussion: Tom van Veldhoven (Holland)