We have been told that we have a very distinct sound and represent ourselves best at our live gigs. We definitely have a current and commercial quality withouth consciously trying to create this. We have built a fanbase that ranges from teenagers and children right up to older members and even bikers!


Raffiki are a band of five, consisting of Grace Tooher on lead vocals, her brother James Tooher (Jimmy) on guitar and vocals, their cousin Laura Sheary on piano and vocals, Ciarán Toohey (Toots) on guitar and vocals, Seán Carroll (Jinky) on the bass and Brian Richardson on the drums.

Raffiki began at the start of the summer of 2010 with Jimmy and Toots. From here they asked Grace to add her massive vocals to their growing collection of guitar ideas and lyrics. Grace was then followed with the addition of Jinky on bass and then came Laura providing more vocals and piano accompaniment. So far Raffiki have played a mix of acoustic and electric gigs in their hometown of Nenagh, joining Nenagh’s already thriving music scene. We have recently won the All-Ireland Youth Arts Rock Festival competition playing the final in the Workmans club, Templebar. The week before we performed at The Mezz supporting Uk band The Skinny Machines. On the 23rd of July we opened for Cathy Davey at the Portlaoise festival.