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""FRESH & INVENTIVE" –Larry Harlow"

“The voice of singer songwriter Rafael Antonio Nazario has the texture of velvet and it is with great feeling that Mr. Nazario transforms his remembrances into the poetry of 11 songs. The musical influences of Mexico, Brazil... the Gauchos’ Bandoneon, the metallic rhythms of neighboring islands, Salsa, Jazz, Samba, the musical soul of the [Puerto Rican] countryside...and even Merengue all form part of this delicious sound tapestry. Nazario is capable of invoking in words and music, the feelings of universal brotherhood (Isla); the affectionate ties to family (Sonnet for Grandma Provi), and the adventures of those who depart the motherland seeking their fortunes elsewhere (Doña Anatilde). The bittersweet tenderness of his ballads (Besos de Piedra, "Kisses of Stone"; ‘Eva,’ and Si Yo Pudiera—"If My Heart Could Tell You") transform each note into more than just another listening experience… "Modern Latin...Jazz, Tropical Fusion"… call it what you like. The music of Patria Añorada comes in through your ears but manages to touch every fiber of your heart.
—Marjorie Aponte Gomez
El Nuevo Dia San Juan, P.R.
(Puerto Rico’s largest daily newspaper.)

“Blues is considered the cradle for rock and roll, and it has been put forth that the Cuban Són provided the bedrock for what today is known as Salsa music. In that sense we could say that Mr. Nazario is a throwback to early Són and its North American contemporary writers of The Blues. Rich in vivid imagery and poetic strokes, Mr. Nazario’s writing sets out to create a new reality and/or a new man; at times, one borne out of the other, both draped in the language of [sometimes] tragic idealism. An obvious gift for melody makes for a collection of songs that slowly assert their indelible presence on the memory and yet, leave the listener wanting to come back for another round. Every listen brings to the fore another detail, another small revelation… Inevitably, the songs seep into the mind like wind rushing through windows that slowly yield open, thus allowing more to come through, until one has seemingly laid bare one’s own walls, exposing the fabric of our own dreams; this, perhaps in response to the manner that Mr. Nazario has so heartbreakingly given flight to his, for all of us to hear and see....
—Olivia M. Nuñez, New York, N.Y.

“Rafael Antonio Nazario spent about half of his first seventeen years in Puerto Rico and ever since has been wandering the world working at one time or another as a forklift driver, radio dj, wine consultant, piano salesman...chef, teacher of food and wine, wine writer, pianist and stand-up comic in his own cabaret act… piano player at a major Los Angeles eatery; actor on television and film; film composer, jazz pianist and actor in Tokyo, copywriter, author… But the brief years in Puerto Rico remain an influence and here, many years later, Nazario has put together a beautiful tribute to the island.

‘Patria Añorada’ (literally, "longed-for homeland") is a collection of 11 songs in a variety of styles, each very original and very personal. Nazario sings of his childhood, his friends and family; lost loves; Christopher Columbus; and of course ‘la bella isla’.

“This is not [strictly speaking] salsa or plena or bomba, these are ballads, "listening" music one can dance to, and “dance” music one can sit back and enjoy —beyond that I dare not classify.

The listener can hear salsa, bolero, samba, ranchera, jazz in the music, but it has travelled far to assume the shape that reaches your ears from this collection. Each song is different, each is thoughtfully composed,
but it is the poetry of the lyrics that really stands out.

“…the soul that comes through, the heart that he brings to every phrase, more than makes up for any shortcoming. The band is excellent and well led by Nazario. He recorded this CD in a relatively few days of studio time in Los Angeles and Mexico. Patria Añorada is a beautiful album, unlike anything…

—Bruce Ishikawa—Picadillo.com (excerpt of review)



"Patria Anorada" CD (original songs; vocals, music, lyrics, production and arrangements-Nazario)

"PianoForte" 1 & 2 - CDs [digital releases]. Originals (Jazz, Neo-Classical, Ambient, Electronica). All available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon.com, etc.

you can listen to all of Nazario's pieces at


you can view some playing clips at YouTube.com ("pianofood")



Rafael NazarioÕs music is as diverse as the many places he has called home, composing in various styles such as Latin, neo-classical, pop, electronica and straight-up jazz. Combining his Puerto Rican upbringing with years of performing across America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Rafael has developed and nurtured a distinct and personal style that has won and wowed fans and critics alike.

Armed with a post-graduate degree in orchestration and arrangement, Rafael ended up securing one of Los AngelesÕ most coveted gigs when he became resident pianist at 72 Market Street, a Venice Beach hotspot owned by Tony Bill and Dudley Moore and frequented by music industry heavyweights including Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock and Randy Newman. For over six years, Rafael performed jazz, classics and improvisational piano for HollywoodÕs elite and as a result, he shared the stage with such artists as Linda Ronstadt and Crosby & Nash. His profile and reputation grew via various media appearances Ñ including fronting the trio that played for National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate KCRWÕs ÔLive from 72Õ Ñand soon he was producing, arranging and composing for television and film, as well as acting in various film projects and TV shows.

Rafael further developed his style in TokyoÕs Roppongi district, playing swing, stride and singing jazz standards to appreciative audiences. Whilst in Tokyo, Rafael continued to refine his music and act in television until opportunity knocked once again with a prospect to relocate to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Rafael flourished in Mexico, where he wrote, arranged and produced Patria A–orada, performing with some of MexicoÕs finest studio musicians. His follow-up CD, PianoForte, was a genre-defying, collection of piano music reflecting his diverse variety of influences. It was also during this time that Rafael published his bi-lingual cookbook, Sand In Your Shoes.

Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Rafael is focusing on composing and recording. He recently released PianoForte 2, a collection of instrumental originals reflecting his ever-growing diverse tastes and influences.

Patria A–orada, PianoForte 1 and PianoForte 2 are available on iTunes, CDBABY and Amazon.com and Rhapsody, among other outlets.