Räfven has been sending people silly with an untamed and furious mix of brass fueled and dance friendly gypsy punk since 2003. Enjoy!


In Sweden Räfven is known as the country’s wildest and maybe best live acts. On stage the eight odd ball gypsy punks turns into one single organism, delivering their frenetic and untamed mix of music that sends people silly.

During the last years they have gained crowds from overseas and made great success at the Glastonbury Festival and were voted as ”best act” at Fuji Rock 2009 by Tower Records, the biggest record store in Japan.
Raised in the streets as a busking band, no stage is too small or too big for Räfven. They never lose contact with the crowd, sending out such joy that no one stays unaffected. The party is overwhelming, but there is always an underlying seriousness.
In 2011 they are releasing their fourth album ”Svensk kultur”, which embraces folk music and highlights the dangers of nationalistic thinking. It received massive media recognition during the release tour and made one of the strongest political statements in Swedish music this year.


"Live!" (2006)
"Next time we take your instruments!" (2008)
"Welcome to Foxshire" (2009)
"Svensk kultur" (2011)
" Folkhemmet" (2013)

Set List

The sets are usually 45-60 minutes long. The repertoiare consists of more than 100 songs.