Pretoria, Gauteng, ZAF

Rock & Roll and Folk Fusion from the golden Free State, a vibe you've really never heard before. No really.


Formed in July 2013, Ragamuffin consists of the musical talent of JP Cordier, Eden Gütter, Dylan Gütter, PD van der Westhuizen and Carl Greyling – who has been acquainted with one another through previous musical projects, now stitched together into an amiable and ardent musical group.

With music inspired by an on going longing based on love, peace – with the binary opposite of war and contempt, it shakes a person to the consciousness of reality. Ragamuffin has a presence of nostalgia hanging in the atmosphere of the music with lyrical content still relevant in today’s modern society. A self-portrait weaved into a story of life in general.

Influences of the band include the likes of Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, The Shins, St. Vincent, David Byrne, Thom York (Radiohead) and Dave Matthews Band.

Rock & Roll and Folk fusion

The band has a vast array of dynamic and versatile music, which flows from a relaxed stillness to rockabilly vibe. Promising energetic live performances and musical variety that appeals to all ears of all ages, though mainly focused target market on teenagers to middle-aged individuals.

“So I stumbled across this really cool video... at first I was like ‘what’s with the papertowels?’ but then my life changed.“

In January 2014, Ragamuffin released a promotional video on YouTube entitled “Ragamuffin – The Beginning”, in presenting the upcoming release of their album. This video which received global attention on online social networks and gathered crowds in anticipation of their release of 2014.

Public Album Feedback:

“Epic! Just gave it a stream while making dinner - Aesthetically Wrong makes me wanna jump into the car, drop the top and go for a cruise on a summer day. That's a real, real sweet tune."

"Well done to all of you and f**k the Parlotones, here comes Ragamuffin.”

“Good quality, an interesting combination of styles, can't really say I've heard anything like it before. Good job!”

See more at: http://www.guitarforum.co.za/clips-for-review/ragamuffin-ep-exclusive-early- access-gfsa

  • Confirmed for 6 shows at ABSA KKNK Festival 2014, including the RSG stage and a show alongside Francois van Coke and Jack Parow.

  • EP Album Released – February 2014

  • Recorded at Batmountain Studios with Howie Combrink and Dale Shnetler (Prime


  • Currently working on second release due end 2014/early 2015. 


"Puppet Strings" - Single (Currently on radioplay)
Crimson Fields - 2011 (Due for release soon)

Set List

Puppet Strings
Absence Of Light
Surrender (Billy Talent)
So...Why are you running?
Forbidden Romance
Set Me Free