Miquèu Montanaro

Miquèu Montanaro


Raga Tambourin proposes a mixed outlook on the world and the galoubet-tambourine, an age-old instrument which finds youth and life again. The repertoire brings us to the Eastern countries, the Mediterranean and Western Africa following the path of the musician.


Through his journeys, Montanaro, the globe-trotter from Province, assembled a bouquet of melodies, modes, and rhythm which would later nourish his writing on traditional instruments originating in Provence.

Each of the 15 pieces included in this program evoke a magical place. They are places which greatly impressed Montanaro during his travels...(Gumuk, a village at the foot of the Merapi, Kokologho sector 4 Burkina Faso, the Hyères islands, the Black Sea and the Mediteranean, Bosphore and the vast northern part of Quebec). From the Alps to Rhodopes, from the Rif to Thessalonica, from Alexandrie to Correns, Montanaro leads us on his endless journey, all the while telling stories and playing music, a timeless experience...

Montanaro has always showed the will to make people from all over the world meet each other, although most of the time their musical background are very different. Montanaro has become the common point where their music converge.

Montanaro is always looking forwards, searching for new languages, exchanging with all the different musical traditions.

Through his various travels and meetings, Montanaro has looked for bringing new sounds and influences to his instrument galoubet tambourin, and to revive in this way the traditions of Provence.

As a polyglot and traveller, Montanaro has shared his music, played, invented with :

- Jazz and others :
Barre Phillips, Serge Pesce, Alan Vitous, Miroslav Vitous, Fred Frith, György Szabados, Iva Bittova, Dresch Mihàly, David Phillips, Fabrice Gaudé, Charles Tyler, Gérard Murphy, Ferdinand Richard, Amanda Gardone, Karel Ruziska, Frantisek Uhlir, Jiri Stivin, Lubos Andrst, Juraj Bartos, Christine Wodraşka, Christian Brazier, Didier Malherbe …
- Traditionnal music :
Keyvan, Bijan & Djamchid Chemirani, Carlo Rizzo, Moneim Adwan, Pedro Aledo, Dédale, Konomba Traoré, Delfine Aguilera, Hakim Hamadouche, Daniel Malavergne, Saaba, Laurence Bourdin, Corou de Berra, Ghymes, Vujicsics, Mathieu Luzi, Tambourinaires en compagnie, Christian Zagaria, François Heim, Jan Nouvé Mabelly, André Gabriel, Daniel Daumas, Ökrös Csaba, Minuit Guibolles, Guy Bertrand, Dominique Regef, Yves Rougisto …
- Classical, modern and ancient music :
Gérard Le Vot, Andràs Kecskés, René Clémencic, Kobzos Kiss Tamás, l’Accademia Viscontea I Musicanti, Maurizio Mingardi, Maurizio Padovan, string quatuor of Bratislava, string quatuor of the Alpes-Maritimes Music School, string quintet of the Chamber Orchestra of Toulon and Var, Patrick Vaillant, Riccardo Tesi, Olivier Ferral, the Brandeburgischer Philharmonic of Potsdam under Victor Pühl’s direction, Henri Jarrié, Alain Fourchotte, Serge Viallat, Gérard Garcin, Stéphane Caplain …
- His songs have been interpreted by :
Nena Venetsanou, René Sette, Sara Alexander, Hayet Ayad, Samia et Hakima Benchikh, Amadou Sanfo, Georges Moustaki, Gülseren Yildirim, Arthur H, Ecsi Gyöngyi, Marta Sebestyen, Dyaa Zniber, Senem Diyici, Danielle Franzin, Sayon Camara …

MONTANARO (Michel/Miqueù) has buildt his own musical identity as a composer. From his beginnings, he is interested by crossovers. His work is made of meetings with musicians from all over the world and from different styles. He is a master concerning building delicates music bridges, he has never forget his roots in Provence.

Born in Hyeres (by the sea in the south of France) in 1955. He has study saxophone before going deep in traditional music from Provence. Hundreds of concerts all around the world.

Some of his compositions are made for theatre, ballet and many different kinds of shows, as well for cartoons and short films. He composes also for jazz combo, classical and traditional music.
He is involved in several musical projects, leading most of them. One of his most famous is Vents d’Est with musicians form Hungary and from Provence.


La Polonaise – CD/DVD – Le Roseau/ Cie Montanaro – Harmonia Mundi

Coffret Otramar – collection de 7 cds - Cimo & To – Nord Sud
Otramar – prize "Coup de cœur musiques du monde de l’Académie Charles Cros"
Suite Colombiana – Cimo & To – Nord Sud
Ora Daurada – Cimo & To – Nord Sud
Calènda– Cimo & To – Nord Sud

Un Pont sur la Mer – Cimo & To – Nord Sud
Raga Tambourin – Cimo & To – Nord Sud

Tambourinaire – Buda – Distr. Universal
Duo avec Konomba Traoré- Al Sur

Chicha – Cimo & To
Messatge, Nuits Atypiques de Langon – Daquí

2000 - Trio Alazar, Keyvan Chemirani, Montanaro et Carlo Rizzo - Al Sur

Maurin des Maures - Disques de l’Olivier - Distr. Harmonia Mundi

1998 - Gaucelm Faidit, Kecskés Ensemble, Hungaroton (H) - réédition en cd

Bardoczi Attila - Voyageurs, Fono (H)
Montanaro – Solo - Fono (H)
Montanaro / Raharjo, Java - Stupeurs et Trompettes Édition - Distr. Orkhêstra

1995 - Galoubet-Tambourin Musiques d’hier et d’aujourd’hui - Ocora Radio France

1994 – Montanaro - Théâtre - ARTA (CZ) - Distr. Orkhêstra

Vents d’Est - Migrations - MG, Auvidis
Tenson - La Nef des Musiques - Bleu Regard Musidisc

1992 - Mesura & Arte del Danzare - Academia Viscontea Lira Records (I)

Montanaro - Collage - Bonton (CZ)

Avec l’Ensemble Méditerranéen / P. Aledo
Fusion - FR3 / Platine - Média 7
D’île en île - Al Sur - Média 7
Tres Cuerpos Una Alma - Al Sur - Média 7

Set List

1, Nissa Viva
2, Bona nuech
3, Djurdjura Leïla
4, Rompa dents
5, Coma es blava
6, Africa blues
7, Estelas
8, Soreta
9, Solsticia
10, Lo diable grata camin
11, Pastorala