The Ragdolls

The Ragdolls


We've never been able to define our Genre in any precise way. It's kinda based in 1970's Rock n Roll, a little blues and jazz influence, throw in some noisy pedals, some slide guitar, An oversized drumkit with nice fat buttery layer of bass and some sexy raspy vocals. Yeah that about does it.



“Quit jivin’ me baby, Let’s Rock & Roll”

“This was another first for me, I've seen them many times when they were Just Sarah but not as the Ragdolls. Sarah is a very powerful woman, hot vocalist and a real character and party animal. She defies the stereotype that you have to have curves in all the right places to be gorgeous, she's a queen of rock 'n roll, with a voice that ranges between Linda Perry of 4 Non Blonds and Janis Joplin and I think she is close to being as wild. It's wonderful to see a band take this much effort for a gig, for each gig they create a new and interesting stage with props and all, in the photos of the gig you'll see the beautiful stage they setup last night. They threw a whole bunch of their EP's to the audience, they're looking to the future here and I believe they'll go a long way”. Whatsonsa, May 08

The B to the I to the O

An ever-present and growing attraction towards the wild and seductive world of that thing we call rock n' roll became too difficult to ignore. The inevitable result: a musical phenomenon now known quite simply as The Ragdolls. This Capetonian four piece is taking the local music scene head on, and the gloves are off. A combination of honest-to-god rock and roll music, untamed vocals, and not to mention the most energetic on-stage antics that you're likely to come across in this day and age. They might be a little rough and maybe a little cheeky, but that's why you love them. You want it? You got it! And probably a whole lot more than you bargained for. But you're lucky, because at the end of the day, you'll have some good music rattling around in your head. And of course that feeling that asks - what hell happened last night?
The Answer? The Ragdolls.

Quit jivin' me baby, let's Rock 'n Roll!


We've released one single "A Modern Affair". It's available for free download online and will be released on all local radio stations from August 2008.

Set List

The typical Ragdolls setlist looks something like this:

Between 40-50 minutes depending on improv.

1. Sinister Woman
2. Rocket Scientist
3. A Modern Affair
4. Fable
5. Acoustic Interlude
6. Satisfaction Guaranteed
7. A is for Awesome
8. Oh, No!
9. A Gun
10. Big Muff
11. I'm Coming to Get You