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Ragga lox


Smooth flowing Roots Reggae and lovers rock , which meanders into a bit of R&B and dancehall with great melodies and lyrcs aimed at the concious mind.


Reggae recording artist Ragga Lox is a real expression of lyrical Talent. His Smooth flow , and confident delivery of songs over original roots rhythms , on his new album "Music is my Life" makes him a true nowadays ambassador of reggae. His voice compliments tracks in a style resembling non, however so professional , one wonders why has this artist is not yet internationally known. On stage Ragga lox interacts with the audience , while using his well organized lyrics , and melodic voice to win fans over. He has shared the stage with many reggae greats , including Buju Banton , Beenie Man , Junior Gong ,Gregory Issacs and Bob Andy to name a few. Rohan Robinson A.K.A Ragga lox was born August,13 1971 in Manchester Jamaica. He grew up in the community of Georges Valley , a small district on the outskirts of Mandeville . Ragga recalls his first live performance as one he'll never forget," It was 1987 while attending Decarteret college high school , the auditorium was packed , and i delivered, receiving so much applause it resulted in the concert ending abruptly , not so much for the applause , but the lyrics where too controversial , and did not go over well with the administration". Recognizing his gift , he decided to persue a musical career. When ask of his musical influence , Ragga says " Its only Jah could influence i , because the only musical influence i had as a child , was listening to the tapes my fathers would play for passengers in his taxi" . In 1998 before finishing high school Ragga and his family migrated to the united States. Peekskill , New York , located about a half hour drive north of the Bronx, became his new home. There he finish high school , then attended college at SUNY Morrisville , a two year school located in upstate New York . On holidays and time off from school , Ragga would head for Brooklyn every chance he gets to hang out with long time friend Captain Remo , now known as Natty Remo. Even though both artist migrated to the US around the same time , Remo had already made a name for himself , so under the alias" Terminator " , Ragga got the opportunity to perform in around New York . In 1993 Ragga decided the name Terminator did not fit the image he was trying to potray . Lexus a name recommended by Natty Remo And Tony Rebel , was suggested and used for a short period , but was also decided against due to the fact the name still did not fit his image , so he decided to shorten Lexus to" Lex", and add "Ragga" , the name his friend" Rog Nice" would call him when they would free syle over R&B And Hip hop tracks at the Night Stalkers Lab. Ragga Lex , as he was now known , started recording for Rhythm One Records . His debut release came in 1995 with three tracks on a compilation Cd entitled Rhythm One Riddims. His single Ghetto youths was a favorite.Tthe album also featured Wayne" Sling TIng "Smith , Yankee B And Devon Clarke . Ragga also became a founding member of the band UNI , and got the opportunity to perform in and around the north eastern section of the United States. After the break up of Rhythm One Records in 1996, Ragga continued performing with the band for another year before leaving to pursue a solo career. Ragga began recording again , recording "Bright lights Big City ,and Chocolates and Roses for his production company. Chocolates and Roses was an instant success , and received a considerable amount of airplay in and around the New York Area , before spreading out to other markets. Ragga Lex was now ready to finish his album , but find this to be a very expensive task , so In 1998 he was introduced to Richie Roots , singer and President of www.blackmindrecords.com . His debut album " Mr. Lexinstein " was completed in 1999 , and initially release in 2000 with underground market the main target, however the album reach the shores of Jamaica , receiving airplay on major radio stations , and rave reviews in the print media . Balfour Henry of the Jamaica Sunday gleaner wrote of how he was "delighted on hearing its lyrical tirade against all forms of injustices ", but also highlighted the fact that the album " has the hallmarks of a relatively poor inexperienced producer , trying to make the best of his ambition'" . Another beautiful article was published in the Jamaica Observer, featured the picture of popular dancehall deejay "Lexxus" instead , who was at the time using the alias "Mr. Lex" as his nick name , so Ragga decided to go back to the drawing board. First he request the album be remixed , then he changed the " Lex " to "Lox" which he thought was more practical , since rastafari had now became his way of life . Ragga Lox instantly began marketing and promoting the new name and the image. He became a radio personalty , co-hosting Culture Jam Radio , with Bobby Channel One , and then Reggae Jam Radio with Dave Judah 93.5 fm New York. Blackmind Records did re-release the album under a new name " LIFE ", however , Ragga Lox left the company October 2k4 to complete wh


Popular songs Chocolates & Roses , Where is the love , Wata Gone ,
1 & 1 feel like you do &
got started
Album : Music is My Life

Set List

Chocolate & Roses
Wata Gone
Where is the love
Jam Down
Poor People
Got Started
New Millenium
Ghetto Youths
I & i Feel like you do