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Album - Three Piece Suit
1. Wrong Man
2. Sinner in Me
3. Three Piece Suit
4. Ode to Mary
5. Money
6. Jamming at Your Yard
7. Waiting in Vain
8. Through Spring and Summer
9. Falter
10. Kicking Back in the Park
11. Wrap You



We formed in March 2012 at East 15 Acting School in Loughton, Essex, as part of a project to do with our training. We were asked to make small groups for a folk song project in which we had to construct and perform a folk song. We formed a group and wrote two songs called “Ode to Mary” and “Three Piece Suit”.

Once the project was finished the local success of the songs we had written inspired us to create a permanent band, we then set to work on creating enough original music to put together an album. Four months later we had twelve tracks, including two covers finished and ready to record and perform.

We went to record our first songs at a reggae recording studio in Cable Street Studios, Lime House, however the producer wasn’t used to making our sort of music so we decided to cease work at the studios and look to record elsewhere. We found a local studio called Soundlab in Debden. We booked a small slot in which to record ten tracks live, some of which were incomplete at the time. We are still using these recordings as our demos. Since then we have made two new additions to the band, Tom Turner on percussion and Zach Hunt on bass guitar. We are looking to record again soon at a different studio and are currently seeking management to help us look for opportunities within the music industry.


Benedict Ainsworth

One of the two frontmen and lead vocalists. Benny also writes the bands’ songs along with Tito and Jamie. He was a member of St. Peter and Paul’s church choir for three years in his youth and this is where his passion for music developed. In his teenage years he formed a band called Skavic of which he was frontman and lead vocalist which played soft indie music. He achieved grade four in tromboneat secondary school and also plays basic guitar and melodica. He currently takes singing and music lessons at East 15 which are mainly geared towards folk music and songs from musical theatre. He has also been performing as mic-man for Roots Guidance Soundsystem for the last two years who have played many nights all around England to large audiences, he has recorded five tracks with Roots Guidance, all in a UK Roots Reggae style, and continues to perform live with them. As well as experience in various areas of the music industry, including running a 20Kw sound system he has a very strong passion towards music of all genres.

Jamie Mawson

Has been involved in musicals and talent competitions at his school, playing in their Greek Theatre which seats 500+. Jamie is also at E15 studying Acting , taking singing lessons weekly , with industry professionals and has a strong voice with good range. He also writes songs for the band.

Tito Cousens

Learned classical flute from the age of 6 and achieved Grade 7 standard, playing in various concerts and some theatrical performances. Also he has had band experience from the age of 11, firstly playing bass guitar in a standard rock band for 3 years before moving on to joining a punk rock band which steadily evolved into a more rhythmically complex heavy metal sound. Along side this he has been playing acoustic guitar since the age of 13, first looking at standard folk and pop-style songs before moving on to a more fingerstyle driven and percussive sound, drawing influence from artists such as Andy McKee, Chris Woods and Trace Bundy. This influence and studying music in depth for 4 years through GCSE and IB (International Baccalaureate) courses led him to start composing music for orchestral instruments and to have a practical understanding of musical theory which culminated in his compositional input into Raggamuffin.

Tom Turner

Tom has taught himself percussion and has been playing for the last four years, he specialises in Kahon and Bongo drumming but also plays well on a full drum kit. He played a lot at secondary school, mainly rock and funk music, however his position in Raggamuffin is his first major music project.

Zach Hunt
I have played bass guitar since the age of 14 and acoustic/electric guitar since 16. in 2010-2011 I played bass in a band called Brigitte Aphrodite, going on two UK tours supporting Kate Nash, we also supported her act at various festivals including Bestival, Reading, Leeds and Kendal Calling along with numerous other dates. In January last year we recorded and brought out a single with Kate Nash’s 10p records label called “I Dream Myself Awake”. I also regularly compose music for guitar and bass and have done for a number of years.