Ragged But Right

Ragged But Right


"old time music at it’s finest. Kathy and Arnie make old songs new while demonstrating their love and virtuosity of playing and singing styles along with good taste and accessible arrangements. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather listen to." Cathy Fink


Kathy Reid-Naiman is well known throughout North America for her many award winning Children’s Music recordings produced by Ken Whiteley. Arnie Naiman is known for his clawhammer banjo playing and has recorded with Canadian old time musicians Chris Coole, The Banjo Special, and Erynn Marshall on the Merriweather Record Label (www.merriweather.ca) and recently on Old Time Banjo Festival- Rounder Records. As a duo, they also have been involved in various aspects of Toronto’s folk music scene for over 30 years performing in clubs, camps and festivals Their musical tastes cover a wide variety of styles. Their old time style repertoire includes songs from Uncle Dave Macon, Charlie Poole and The Delmore Brothers plus traditional Stringband songs and instrumentals. As well, in performance you will be treated to the occasional unique old Jazz song, traditional American, British, and Canadian ballads. Original compositions including Arnie’s clawhammer banjo instrumentals are a regular part of their performances. They also play guitar, dulcimer and banjo uke.


-Down Harmony Road / Ragged But Right MRR07 Merriweather Records
other recordings by both
- 5 Strings Attached With No Backing / Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole M01CA Merriweather
- 5 Strings Attached ~ Vol.2 / Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole M02CA Merriweather
-The Banjo Special M03BS Merriweather
-The Old Time Banjo Festival / Arnie Naiman + various artists / CDROUN0584 Rounder
-Gentleman From Virginia / The Albemarle Ramblers M05AR Merriweather
-Tickles and Tunes / Kathy Reid-Naiman M9701CD Merriweather
-More Tickles and Tunes / Kathy Reid-Naiman M9702 Merriweather
-Say Hello to the Morning / Kathy Reid-Naiman M9901CD Merriweather
-A Smooth Road To London Town / Kathy Reid-Naiman M0101CD Merriweather
-On My Way To Dreamland / Kathy Reid-Naiman M0202CD Merriweather
- Reaching for the Stars! / Kathy Reid-Naiman M0501 Merriweather
-Zoom Zoom Cuddle and Croon / Kathy Reid-Naiman Merriweather M0801
-Sing The Cold Winter Away / Kathy Reid-Naiman M0901 Merriweather
-I Love to hear the Sounds / Kathy Reid-Naiman M1002 Merriweather
- Sally Go Round The Sun / Kathy Reid-Naiman M0702 Merriweather
- Sally Go Round The Moon / Kathy Reid-Naiman M0703 Merriweather
- Here We Go Zodeo / Kathy Reid-Naiman and Hannah Naiman M1201 Merriweather

Set List

Sample setlist of one set
1. Ragged But Right
2. Blue railroad Train
3. Stay On The Farm
4. I Don't Reckon' It'll happen Again
5. Pretty Polly / Gunslinger
6. Child Of God
7. The Solstice Song
8. The Travelling Blues
9. When the Train Comes Along