Ragged Mane

Ragged Mane

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Ragged Mane is a 6-piece band originating from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Their genuine indie-folk song writing gently wraps together twisting lyrics and driving instrumentation composed of guitars, stand up bass, mandolin and violin. With influences ranging from blues to indie-folk matched with versatile vocals, their music is sure to tug at heartstrings.


The diversity of our musical backgrounds has always surprised those who know us the most. Ragged Mane as a whole is made up of 6 puzzle pieces that at first glance should not fit together.

 John (violin) and Adam (bass) are both graduates of the Jazz program at ST.FX. John also grew up in Cape Breton where he learned to play traditional fiddle music at a young age, before forming a heavy metal band in his teenage years.

 Jonathan, Zack, and Justin all grew up together in Antigonish, where they learned to appreciate the traditional music that their families passed on to them. During their high school years, Zack and Jonathan performed in an alternative rock band together, while Justin focused predominantly on sharing traditional folk music.

 Matt (vocals) began performing at the age of 14 by busking on the waterfront in Halifax, and quickly earned a reputation as strong singer-songwriter.

 We all, however, share an open mind and an ability to appreciate all kinds of music as a valid art form. This is what allows the pieces of the puzzle to fit together to form Ragged Mane.


Carry Me

Written By: Matt Howard,Justin Layes,Jonathan deyoung,Zack Pettipas,John Stevenson

If this breeze is so uneasy,
Would it help if I was there to hold the door closed?
Stumble in the dark to find a candle and a spark
to light your home.

But the fire won't stay lit,
I can't light your eyes without a wick,
so we will sit in the dark, alone.

We are young,
We are young,
It's okay,
We are young.

Lately I've been seeing,
old faces in my dreams and they've been asking
"where'd you go?"
Lately I've been hiding,
look for someone to confide in to raise me up
from this low.

But the fire won't stay lit,
I can't light your eyes without a wick,
so we will sit in the dark, alone.

We are young,
we are young,
It's okay,
We are young.

Carry me down to the water, down to the low.

Set List

  • Originals:
  • Black Lantern
  • Lines
  • Ghost
  • Say Goodbye
  • The Swell
  • We Are the Same
  • Young Hearts
  • XXI
  • Amethyst
  • Thank You
  • Sky's on Fire
  • Carry Me
  • Broken Windows
  • Darwin
  • Lonely
  • *Along with various covers.           (Time can between 45mins - 2hrs 45min)