Raggedy Soul

Raggedy Soul


Raggedy Soul are a band that have not succombed to the 80's revival carry on of late. Instead incorporating dance, britpop and classic rock.Get up and dance, have fun, lose your self,lose each other,find each other.This is not politics or philosophy,this is music the way we see it.


Raggedy Soul are a five-piece rock band from Wicklow. They are all in their early to mid twenties and have been together for 2 years.
In the short time that Raggedy Soul have been together they have played throughout the country from Derry to Dublin and everywhere and anywhere in between.
In the beginning Raggedy Soul gigged locally around South Wicklow playing a very stripped down, back to basics "rock and roll" much akin to the sounds of The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Police amongst others.
This however was lately proved to be just the catalyst of what is known today as Raggedy Soul's sound.
Nearly a year in to their existence Raggedy Soul battled their way through numerous competitions to come out on top and represent Ireland in a global battle of the bands, which was held in the London Astoria. It was here that they were awarded sixth place out of sixteen countries throughout the world, while gaining interest from radio stations, A&R and management.
Not a group of lads to rest on their laurels they went back to the drawing board and began to write music in a style that was more cutting edge, darker and more dance orientated. It was here that many different influences came to the fore and can be heard in their latest tracks.
While remaining loyal to their "rock and roll" beginnings Raggedy Soul have fused trance, electro and dance into their songwriting, you can hear such influences as U2, Prodigy, Ian Brown, RHCP amongst others sneaking their way into Raggedy Soul's current set-list.
Listening to their c.d. you might wonder how this sound is recreated on stage if it all possible. It is; and without the aid of backing tracks or any other devices hidden backstage. There is a blinding energy at their concerts that comes from (a) belief in what they do, (b) the desire to leave the crowd gasping and crawling the walls for more and (c) they are a live band and thatÂ’s where they belong on stage. Energetic and a show no mercy attitude at their gigs will ensure a great night to be had by all.


Our songs have been played on local stations around Dublin and Wicklow. They have also been used on an ad on Phantom FM and East Coast Radio. Songs are availabe on myspace.com/raggedysouls

Set List

Our set list ranges from 20 minutes to an hour. We never play covers in our set

So Long
Landin On My Feet
Inside of You
2nd Chance State
A little more
Guiding Light
You'll never Know
Missing You
Weight in Gold
Shine on