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The best kept secret in music


"Soultalk Interview"

Soultalk w/ Deborah Hinds Interview
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"Another talented artist emerging from Atlanta's red-hot music scene is Rahbi, an explosive singer with an astounding falsetto and a passion for performing. His debut record contains a mix of sizzling, uptempo cuts and lush ballads that's sure to appeal to a wide variety of listeners."

-Deborah Hinds, "SoulTalk"

To hear Rahbi's new streaming audio interview and new music from his CD, "The EP," visit www.soultalk.rhythmflow.net/shows_rahbi.html

- Deborah Hinds

"Rahbi's interview for A.I.R.R. Magazine"

Peace Family,

So for a long time I sent out bulletins informing you of the new website Reign, Tokyo and myself were putting together. Well now it's here. A.I.R.R. is up and running and I'm hitting up as many independent artist as possible.

My 1st article is with "The Prince of Hip Hop Soul" Rahbi. Check out the interview and let us know what you think by commenting on here or at the end of his article....


Also, make sure to check out my page often as I will play different artist music who we interview in A.I.R.R. Simply another way to support our artist.



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Rahbi the Ep
By Yes Sir Productions Presents
Release date: By 07 March, 2006

- Raven

"Article by SubUrban Underground TV"

Check out this new article on ya boy at:


God is soooo good and is continually blessings US. For that, I am grateful.

Continue to grind with me and I'll see you at the top.

Love to ya


- Brian

"Positive Rhythms"

Now Hear this is a special segment where we showcase a particular track we believe you should not miss listening to.

Artist: Rahbi

Single: "Sistas & Brothas"

CD: The EP

"Sistas & Brothas"

Those of us with siblings understand how wonderful those relationships are. When you have siblings, you always have someone to play with. You have individuals to help take the blame for the house not being clean or someone to blame for the broken lamp. "Mother said don't play ball in the house." Sometimes the relationships are not so wonderful and the sibling turns into your worse enemy. You not only want to blame them for breaking the lamp, you want to break the lamp over their head. It's a sad situation, but it happens. We all know the stories of sibling rivalry that sometimes escalates into sibling wars. "Blood is thicker than water", but why do some want to SEE the blood?

Rahbi's "Sistas & Brothas" goes beyond biological ties and explores the universal concept that we are all related to each other. Regardless of skin color, or the fact that we have different parents, we are all essentially "Sistas & Brothas". I love how his first line sets the tone of the song. "It don't make sense why people can't love each other, ain't we all sistas and brothas". Such a simple concept, yet we ignore it daily. When we see "blood" siblings fighting, we quickly express what a sad situation that is, but then we turn around and fight our "non-blood" siblings.

I am not naïve to believe that everyone will always get along and love each other, but I am realistic and know that it's really not that hard to respect one another. If we truly dealt with each other in the same manner in which we deal with our biological siblings, just maybe we would achieve a level of love and respect that we expect to see siblings exhibit. I say, go beyond the "golden rule" and do unto others just a smidge better than you do unto yourself. If that attempt is made in every encounter, it's bound to work at least more than half of the time.

There is no way I could discuss this song without saying something about the artist. I had the pleasure of watching Rahbi perform as a background singer for Donnie last year. It's blaringly obvious that this young man has been blessed with an exceptional singing voice. He is now being compared to Rahsaan Patterson, and to the casual listener, I can see how that can happen. I will agree that they share a similar vocal quality. I was most impressed with Rahbi's ability to remain in his role as a background singer when he could have essentially attempted to grab the spotlight. I dare venture to say it's because he respects and loves Donnie as a "brotha". When he was given the opportunity to shine in his solo spot, he displayed that he has a voice that is not easily contained. After hearing his solo spot, I was even more impressed at how he pulled back when it was time to return to the background.

I urge you to show our "brotha" some love and visit him at http://www.myspace.com/rahbi and pick up his project. Remember, we belong to the biggest family in the world and our collective last name is "Universe" - every day is a family reunion.

Be Loving,

Positive Rhythms' Columnist, Keith Grant

Email Keith: positiverythymskeith@gmail.com

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*Link to article
http://positiverhythms.com/nowhearthis-rahbi.html - Columist, Keith Grant


Rahbi The E.P. - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rahbi, an Atlanta native,started singing at the age of three. By his 14th birthday he had inked his first record deal with Laface Records as one fourth of the R&B group 4th Avenue. Although the group made many appearances, and even shot a music video, the album(produced by Daryl Simmons; Tricky Stewart of Red Zone; John Howcott, Emmanual Officer, and Donald Parks for H.O.P. Productions; and a host of others) was never released.

With aspirations of becoming a success and now with the experience of being a signed artist, Rahbi began the rigorous road to solo stardom. In hopes of making his mark on the competitive Atlanta music scene, Rahbi joined The Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. It was there where he was discovered by former Motown recording artist Donnie. Rahbi toured both locally and internationally as a background singer for Donnie. He quickly became a show favorite and went on to share the stage with some of musics top astists; India.Arie, Anthony Hamilton, Floetry, Q from 112, PJ Morton, Yahzarah, Anthony David, KEM, Trina Broussard, Charlie Wilson, Keith Sweat, Algebra, Kindred the Family Soul, and a host of others. Rahbi was even summoned in 2005 by Ms. Lauryn Hill to participate in a private jam session held in New York.

With all that , Rahbi is ready to take on the music world with his first studio recording simply entitled Rahbi the EP. Described as a flawless blend of soul perfection complete with hip-hop grooves and melodic melodies. There is something for almost every musical taste and mood. Rahbi the EP is undeniably a work of art. When asked to describe the album, Rahbi says that he is bringing back raw passion to music. "It's something that has been missing for a while." Refusing to be boxed into a specific genre, Rahbi says he is influenced by everything from R&B, Hip-Hop/Soul, Gospel, Jazz, House, and Pop/Rock to movies, television theme songs, and jingles.

Compact with a stunning collection of timeless music from the heart and soul of a gifted artist, Rahbi the EP dropped March 7th On Yes Sir Productions. Some of the E.P.'s producers include Reggie Croslan,Mr. Yes Sir Productions(Producer for Kandi of Xscape); Ant Lowe(Producer for Kelly Price); Sir Charles of C.I.C. Production("Another Chance"); and Branden Burch( Producer on Anthony David's 3 Chords and the Truth, and India. Arie's Testimony:Vol.1,Life & Relationship) Copyright 2006 Yes Sir Productions

As a singer, dancer, vocal arranger, actor, and songwriter, Rahbi constantly redefines himself and his music by looking to his musical influences to create a sound that is incomparable and distinctive. Always willing to take risks and speak on, or do things, no other artist would, Rahbi keeps his audience wondering what he'll do next. "Know that this is only the beginning"...........