Rah hoWard

Rah hoWard

 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
BandHip HopBlues

"I want to change the world and touch peoples hearts and souls with my art. When people leave one of my shows or finish listening to a song that I wrote, I want them to feel at peace. I want to do more than just create music, I want to create a life changing experience for listeners." -Rah hoWard


Soulful emcee, hip-hop artist and extreme musical-talent Rah hoWard comes from a modest beginning and made the most out of every moment throughout his entire journey, life-experience and music-career. Growing up in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas born the son of a local blues-musician; Rah hoWard began to discover his own connection to music early on and his incredible ability to connect to people through music. With a preacher as a grandfather – he took in powerful sermons and learned through watching these moving speeches, that words can truly mean everything if the person saying, speaking or singing them has the passion, conviction and true-belief in what they’re communicating. Taking the best qualities of these two family-inspirations, Rah hoWard began to experiment and combine these dynamic assets into his own music – his best form of communication. Heavily invested in all aspects of the music-industry and outworking the rest in a bid to become the very best; this charismatic & captivating lyrical-poet has taken charge of the direction of his music and career, driving it all forward and straight to the top of the charts. Producing, writing, creating, recording his music in addition to bringing it all together over the m-i-c; Rah hoWard has earned his well-established reputation for musical-excellence both onstage and in the studio.

  Currently Rah hoWard is getting ready to record more incredibly vibrant and exotic beats & rhymes for release in 2015. Riding the buzz of national, well-deserved attention for his music from media-sources like MTV.com, allhiphop.com, Shade 45 Radio & many more  Rah hoWard is set to bring his hip-hop straight to the people and ready to change the entire musical landscape of 2015 with something that is audibly- unmistakable for anything else other than wildly dynamic music that is truly new and truly exciting. 


The Motivation Mixtape (2009)

The Winner (2010)

Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away (2013)

In My Time... (2015)

Set List

1. Let It Die

2. One Shot

3. Still Water

4. Get It

5. Failure 

6. Reaching

7. Nothing Lasts Forever

8. Higher

9. I Love Music

10. Let There Be Light

11. Get It Right

12. Everything

13. Have all of that