Rahiem Supreme

Rahiem Supreme

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Classic and authentic hip-hop flow with a modern twist. Most would say I am a true lyricist. Others say I am a breath of fresh air for the genre. If this is the case then I need a chance to reach every Hip hop head and music lover in order to help the game breathe.


21 year old Rahiem Supreme, Hailing from Uptown Northwest DC area,he is a brash young lyricist on the prowl representing hip hop,bringing a new swag lyricism,originality,creativity to the table. He delivers both a masterful flow and a wise perspective over a beat. His music is inspired by listening to Nas,az,Big L,jay-z,Biggie,Common & he's striving to bring that hip hop sound back. Rahiem was born July 27,1989 in fayettville,North Carolina, raised uptown DC & the rest of the DMV area a.k.a DC,MD,VA his roots are from queens,New york. His younger years he was just into hanging out living a normal life skateboarding,going to school etc. until one day he was just playing around free styling with some friends in a cypher & they witnessed he had talent,but yet he thought nothing of it.In the year 2010 his sister passed form a rare cancer in her spine and that changed his whole mindset of what he wanted to do. He did a year in college for business administration & later on switched his major to automotive,as months went on he started to realize he had more of a passion with his music so he dropped his class and decided to devote all his time into his music.


Mentally Ill (Single) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfztSWbqLn0

Genesis (Debut EP) Datpiff Stream : http://www.datpiff.com/Rahiem-Supreme-Genesis-mixtape.233388.html