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"Rahiem Supreme's Genesis Is The Real Deal"

When we first reported on Rahiem Supreme, we told you that there was nothing “groundbreaking” about him. Today, we humbly walk back that statement after listening to his most recent effort, Genesis. Not only has Supreme become a favorite among our editors, but he now serves as the gage in which authentic, indie hip hop is measured. His latest mixtape is a mixture of addictive hooks and jolt-your-mind, thought-provoking lyricism. To say that there is something special about Rahiem Supreme is an understatement.
From the beginning, Genesis manages to put the listener in a certain zone—not just any zone, but the kind of zone you’re in just after a glass of red wine and a “white boy.” We’re not advocating illegal drug use here, but it seems like the most appropriate way to describe exactly where Rahiem Supreme is able to take us, both mentally and emotionally. In the song “Places To Go” Supreme rides the beat like a pro and just when you think you’ve caught on to his flow, he switches it up with a ridiculously complex bar. It’s almost like he’s reminding the listener that although you think you know—you have no idea! By the time we get to the third track, we're all wondering why this kid isn’t signed to a major deal, but then we listen to the bombastic, basement feel of the record and discover that he may be better off unsigned. We’re afraid that with the heavy beats, and radio-friendly hooks that record labels tend to thrust on new rap artists, Rahiem Supreme may lose the very thing that makes him special—his dedication to raw and honest hip hop. When we listen to songs like “Random Thoughts” and “1 Shot 2Shot,” we are reminded of vintage Jay-Z, mixtape Biggie (Yea I said it!), Eric B. and Rakim—all the rap greats that are literally backhanded every time Souljah Boy gets a no. 1 hit! No shade here, but let’s call it like it is. “Genesis” is a return to the old way of doing things—spilling your thoughts, opinions and experiences on wax and conveying it with enough emotion to make a die-hard GaGa fan believe it and love it. Hats off, Mr. Supreme, you’re the real deal! - TOAST 2 THAT


Swag Genie EP (2013)
The Essence EP (2012)
Genesis EP (2011)



Rahiem Supreme, 23 year old rapper/songwriter hailing from Washington, D.C. under HMP Entertainment/DDMG Music Group is a fresh, young lyricist who brings originality, creativity, and fun back to the hip hop genre.

Inspired by the likes of Nas, AZ, Big L, Jay-Z, Biggie and Common Rahiem looks to bring a classic and refreshing hip hop sound back on the scene. Losing his father and sister in the same year inspired Supreme to use Hip Hop as a way to voice his pain. Rahiem’s work has been featured on numerous music sites/blogs including Earmilk.com, Houseofaura.com, and Breakonacloud.com. Rahiem has also performed at various shows in the N.Y., Philadelphia, and D.C. area, with acts such as Nipsey Hussle and Fat Trel.

Within months of his debut release "Genesis,” Rahiem Supreme has gained a number of industry co-signs, loyal supporters, and a clothing brand sponsorship with DURKL which only proves this is the beginning.