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At first I was going to write the normal typical bio description of myself and my music, just like alot of artist do in the show biz writing things about me that are very general and impersonal, but since I view everyone on my page as family, I decided to just write from the heart, just like I do with my music.

I'm just a normal brother with a very special gift from God. I pride myself on making music that is very clean, so all could enjoy no matter what the age.

I was born and raised in NewOrleans LA., in an area called the 9th ward. I never sung in the church, I was not in any bodys band, and actually for those who really know me, they would tell you that music would be the last thing they thought that I would be into. I was known for my physical skills. Yes a brother was very good with a basketball. No one in their wildest dreams would have thought I would be making music.

Needless to say that I started very late in the music biz. Well one day God saw something in me, he knew that I'm a very hard worker and that I could do anything I put my mind to and that drove me to develop my talent that was dormant in me for so long.

I bought my first key board, and the rest was history.

I started to study music, and many good songwriters, learning how to put music together. (Stevie Wonder played an important role in me getting into music he was the first artist that I was ever exposed to) I would practice on that radio shack key board everyday for hours and hours at a time, until one day it actually started to sound like music. So thats how I got into production. Around this time I started to surround myself with well known local producers in NewOrleans who loved my voice, but the ideas that they had for me was very different then what I saw in my head. They wanted to turn ya boy into R Kelly or Sisco, not saying anything was wrong with that, but that wasn't who I wanted to be, it wasn't me. So I said to myself I really need to get good at producing music so I can paint my own pitcure. (Yes somtimes I talk to myself thats how I work out my problems sometimes, I'm not scared to admit that) (LOL)

The first song I ever wrote was "SO SOUL GOOD", and that has basically set the tempo for what type of music I was to do, and thats SOUL MUSIC.

Sometimes I have a problem with the term some folks use to describe Soul music today, by labeling it Neo-Soul, but if you ask me its just plain Soul music. I'm not doing anything new, there is nothing new about it. We don't call today's Rock music Neo-Rock or Today's rap Neo-Rap, So why is it any different for soul music?

Any way, I do Soul music, my discription of soul is, music that contains a variety of all forms of music put together in a way that all who listen to it will pick out something that they like about it, and also it touches the soul.

I have so many different types of musical influences, taken from all forms of music. I see music two ways Good and bad, that's all.

Now more about me. I'm not married, when God is ready to make her known to me it will be, but for now I'm focused on touching the world with my music. Myspace has played a very important role in that. I am a very positive brother and surround myself with only positive people. I don't tolerate negativity at all. I have no kids of my own, love them though, my mother and father are still together, I have 4 sisters, 3 brother in laws, and 2 nephews. I love to travel and see other cultures, play sports, read,write music,see movies, eat, yes I'm very greedy. I don't have a favorite color because I love them all, I love to meet new people and to laugh.

I have met some really interesting folk on myspace. Do you see all of those good people on my page? I talk to most of them each and everyday, it is very important for me to do so. I really love them all for the simple fact that no one owes me anything, not even their time, so for a person that don't know who I am, and take their time out to listen to me is an honor in it self for me.

I love all of my friends they are truly kings and queens to me.

One more thing about me you gotta know, no matter how big this music thing gets or seem to get, I do realize that God is behind it all, I'm just a mere vessel. That is what will keep me grounded and very humble, because he is the one who has blessed me with gift of song.