Raid For Blood Diamonds

Raid For Blood Diamonds



Raid For Blood Diamonds formed out of a shared need for original music. In 2003, guitarist/vocalist Luc Ruggiero set up a jam session with an aspiring drummer named Will Skura. The two musicians got along well, and begun jamming regularly.

After playing with numerous bassists and vocalists, the duo auditioned vocalist Frank Gomez, an old friend who listened to some early demos and loved what he heard. Frank's energy and passion for hardcore, punk, reggae, and all things different gained the approval of the others, and immediately became the third member of the band.

The three began to play shows in and around Toronto, but lacked a permanent, dedicated fourth member. Finally, Brandon Kane, a long time friend of Luc's, stepped in as bassist after having disbanded from his previous music project, thus filling the void.

Raid For Blood Diamonds had finally become complete, and subsequently released their first 5 song self titled EP. The new tunes quickly began to catch the attention of promoters and music lovers, giving the boys further encouragement to work their asses off.


Raid For Blood Diamonds "Self Titled EP"

Track 1 Syphoning Water From A Mirage
Track 2 Wind Don't Discriminate
Track 3 LT Ron Hubard
Track 4 Count Tweedsmer
Track 5 Black Market Baby

Released 2006

Recorded at Memory Studios by Anthony Callobera

Set List

Set List

Wind Don't Discriminate

Everybody Zooms

Syphoning Water From A Mirage

New Song

LT Ron Hubard

Set List - 25 min