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The best kept secret in music


"Album Release Show @ Gumbolive Review"

RUFF EDGE MANAGEMENT, REFLECTIONS EMPORIUM, CRYSTALSENTERBROWN.COM, DESIGNS BY MIS T & BLITZ PAC, would like to thank you for your presence at GUMBOLIVEApril 21, 2006 @ the Days Inn, Chicopee We would also like to extend our congratulations to Raiinsongwriter, for her great night and successful CD release event. Girl you went all out and did it big. From your delicious Caramel Coffee Cake samples, to the jewelry you and your guest wore, you are a woman on a mission. We also send thanks to Olivia K, D. Rose and Blaze Beat for coming down and performing with this truly gifted rising star. To all of her friends and family that drove from CT to show their love and support we truly thank you and hope you enjoyed all of then nights entertainment and will come again.(FMI on Raiinsongwriter )" - James Lewis of Gumbolive

"SoulSite.de of Germany"

"Caramel" endlich draußen

Die Aufregung war lange Zeit groß, doch jetzt ist es soweit: Raiinsongwriter hat ihr erstes Album "Carmel Vol. 1" veröffentlicht. Daran beteiligt waren die Produzenten Seantre' aus Altanta, Blaze Beat aus West Haven, und Hunger aus Hartford. Als Songwriterin hat die Sängerin natürlich fast alle Lieder selbst verfasst. Nur "One & Only" wurde von Blaze mitgeschrieben.
Raiin heißt mit bürgerlichem Namen übrigens Sharece M. Sellem, mehr darüber auf dieser Seite: http://raiinsongwriter.homestead.com/. Unter ihrem Künstlernamen ist die CD für nur zehn Dollar bei folgender Adresse erhältlich: Raiinsongwriter, PO BOX 209232, Wethersfield, CT 06129-9232. Hier die komplette Tracklist zum Album:

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finally outside The excitement was large long time, but now is it so far: Raiinsongwriter has its first album "Carmel of volume. 1"publish. In it the producers Seantre were involved ' from Altanta, Blaze Beat from west Haven, and hunger from hard Fords. As Songwriterin the singer wrote naturally nearly all songs themselves. "One & Only" were only written by Blaze. Raiin is called with civil name by the way Sharece M. Sellem, more over it on this side: http://raiinsongwriter.homestead.com/. under their artist name the CD for only ten dollar is available with the following address: Raiinsongwriter, PO BOX 209232, Wethersfield, CT 06129-9232. Here complete TRACK cunning to the album: (song listing on the actual site - Linda, founder of SoulSite.de



1) There's A Way Interlude
2) One & Only fet. Blaze Beat
3) Caramel
4) Every Reason
5) Static
6) Eternity
7) There's A Way/Wedding Day
8) Caramel Remix (feat. D. Rose


Feeling a bit camera shy


Raiinsongwriter's crisp voice and gritty vibe bring back memories of 90's pop and r&b. And no wonder, since Raiin grew up in that era, listening to Janet Jackson and TLC. Her energy though, is something all it's own. On her album, Caramel Vol 1, that energy beckons you to enjoy life, be real and love like the first time. This energy is not just for the stage or studio. Raiin, the oldest child raised by her single mother from France, is fiercely independant. Spending just a moment with her you get the feeling something great is about to happen. That's because Raiin is all about making things happen. She didn't just dabble in the arts when she was younger, but won many awards for her artistic talent. When she discovered a love for poetry, she took it even further and penned her own poetry, performing spoken word at the Signature cafe in downtown Hartford. After getting a taste of the spoken word scene, she was hooked and performed in more venues in New York and Massachusetts, even recording a hook on one poet's album. Later, her penchant for action brought her to Atlanta Georgia to pursue an education in media production at American Intercontinental University at the age of 18. There she met Seantre', the producer, songwriter and vocalist who inspired her to put her spoken word poetry to music. Some of those first songs made it to her first album Caramel Vol. 1.

The first song on the album is an upbeat, 90's style love song called "One and Only" . Blaze Beats, a producer on the album, also provides male vocals in this song. The title Track "Caramel" about a guy not keeping a date, is next. The rest of the album doesn't disappoint, switching between ethereal romanticism and down to earth conversation. A paradox that is relfective of Raiin's own personality. " I think being French gives me a passion for romance. The French are very romantic. But i'm also a very in the moment, down to earth person." Don't be fooled though, Raiin is already thinking about her next album. Her goal is to write for other singers. " I'd love to have people singing my songs."

Raiinsongwriter. has a sound perfect for relaxing days and soul shows. Her music is clean and fits in the soul/pop category with an R&B twist.

*Songs from CARAMEL currently play on WTCC 90.7 Springfield, MA