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Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Band Rock EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Gave me goose bumps"

"Gave me goose bumps", said John Reese, President of Freeze Management. The five piece rockwave outfit, armed with keyboards and more vintage guitar pedals that a mom and pop music store, tore through their set to their loyal group of fans dancing in Joy Division shirts and black leather jackets. - PluginMusic.com

"Instantaneously hooked"

My first railer experience was the son 'If We Could Be' which was featured in an xbox360 game. I was instantaneously hooked and made it one of my top priorities to find the album which it came from. And man am I glad i did. In my entire life theres been only two albums from which i like all songs, this is the second one. Great and awesome sound and flow in the music. Keep it up Love from Sweden. - CDbaby.com

"There hasn't been a more deserving band to splash so hard since Placebo or The Faint..."

"At first listen, FRAME OF MIND might give you deja vu; it features familiar Bowie-esque 70s and 80s pre and post punk styles coupled with Gary Numan sneer and biteing 90s style guitar hooks. All washed over by a cool filter of commercial glitz and pop sensible appeal. Could this much familiarity withen a rock band summon its immediate and un-warranted demise? Not if your RAILER and your songs, pound for pound, simply ROCK! Using Portland Oregon as its port of all call, there hasn't been a more deserving band to splash so hard since Placebo or The Faint. So with each tasty morsel that FRAME OF MIND unloads on a truly unsuspecting listener, the MORE that listener will want. This is some very good alternative rock elbowing for attention in a musical spectrum polluted by poppy conterfeit punk and angst driven nu-metal. Dripping in well crafted songs and an "I cant belive this isn't bubble gum" zeal, tracks like "KISS FIX", "BLUES VERSUS THE STARS", "CROSSING THE LINE" or hell, any song on the album, works as well as anything Blur or Radiohead has done in their careers. This is unmistakeably good college rock done right, and you would be doing yourself a huge favor by adding it to your collection."
-Joseph Graham

- -Outburn Magazine

"A complete triumph, evident of ability over budget and talent over hype..."

"4 Stars... ‘Frame Of Mind’ is only a ten-track record, and this is where it thrives – confining the consistently tuneful and utterly infectious alt-indie to a minor track-listing. Opening with the soaring ‘Blues Versus The Stars’, instantly noticeable is the magic uniqueness of Randall Scott’s voice, whose vocal-display is only similar to that of Paul Draper, frontman of UK-combo, Mansun. However, far more intriguing arguably are the following numbers – the thrillingly haunting ‘Kiss Fix’, razor-sharp guitars of ‘Crossing The Line’ and engagingly memorable chorus of ‘Déjà Vu’; only a downbeat and soothing ‘Theory As To What Is Beautiful’, which arrives next, can mellow the excitement so excruciatingly well. It’s fair to say that, by this point, however, the album has reached its summit; although the latter tracks, ‘Minor Dream’ and the finale of ‘When I See You Again’ (a most likely prospect when addressing the playing of this CD in repeat-functions in the near future), stir a similar rousing effect, the chances are that you’ll have experienced the album’s peak. Still, for a debut-effort, recorded in humble surroundings and by the band themselves, this is exemplary – a complete triumph, evident of ability over budget and talent over hype, possessive of song-writing skills lacking from many of those top artists currently at the paramount position of their careers."

- Rock Feedback.com

"Solid musicianship, whispy vocals, and dreamy lyrics..."

"Titles like 'Blue Versus The Stars,' 'Kiss Fix,' and 'Theory As To What Is Beautiful,' illustrate that Railer is an artsy indie band who have slight new wave influences mixed into their solid musicianship, whispy vocals, and dreamy lyrics. Serve with a grassy hillside and a dark night, perfect for star-gazing into the heavens with a significant anyone."

- Score Music Magazine


2003 - "Frame Of Mind"
2004 - "Notes from thee REAL underground vol. 5
2012 - "Ones and Zeros" (FALL 2012)
94.7 NRK: Fit To Last, Beg Twice
OPBmusic.org: Fit to last



Pulsing with Wet Vocals, over-driven drum machines, vintage synthesizers and experimental guitar fuzz RAILERs brand of electro-rock has been taking listeners by force. The initial rooting in new-wave and early industrial has led RAILER to creating their own style of danceable noise. RAILER truly captures its audience live, where stage sets have included everything from fog filled laser shows to a full on 3-D interactive video experience. A RAILER event is never performance to miss.

-Winners of 94.7 Alternative Portland's largest new band search. Judges included John Reese (manager of Guns N' Roses) and Ross Robinson (producer of the Cure and the early Korn albums).
RAILER was soon discovered by former Public Image Limited drummer Martin Atkins (Ministry / Pigface / Killing Joke). As the head of his own label (Invisible Records previously known as Wax Trax!), Martin felt RAILER's hooky, new-wave sound would be a sure-fire hit, and a guilty pleasure as the only pop outfit among the numerous industrial bands on his label.

In 2003, "Frame Of Mind" was re-released under Invisible Records. Songs, "Kiss Fix," "Deja Vu," and "A Part of You," were instant local radio hits and featured on numerous compilations. "If We Could Be," was recently featured in the XBox 360 video game "Prey."


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