A group of guys trying to bring a comfortable mix of pop, folk, and bluegrass to a new generation of people.


Railyard is a "power folk" band that is the result of an eclectic group of musicians with diverse backgrounds coming together to make listener friendly music.
With influences ranging as widely as The Ramones, to Bing Crosby, this group also enjoys the likes of Nickle Creek, Johnny Cash, Wilco, and The Band.

Railyard started after a long split from music. 4 of us are family, and we each had a band at one time. Over the years, We have slowed down and turned our energy to mastering the art of music and doing what we like. It just so happened, that we have picked up some followers along the way. Now we play for the enjoyment of ourselves and others.

Set List

Patchwork heart - original
10 ft. Under - original
Freight Train Running - original
Happiness Abounds - original
Let it Burn - original
Lonesome Road - original
Travelers Lament - original
Youth Wasted on Youth - original
Come thou Fount - cover
Long Black Veil - cover