RAIN is brbridging the gap with and exciting new SOUND we URBAN CHRISTIAN POP everything you love about POP music with CHRISTIAN BASED LYRIC and a URBAN HIP HOP FEEL


Cinscere and DG were born and raised in the East New York section of
Brooklyn and began singing at the tender ages of 9,11. Since their
adolescence, the brothers who would be known to the world as RAIN
realized their calling to music. They would take hit songs and rewrite them with
their own lyrics. Then they would perform them at family gatherings.

Eventually, the guys became more serious about music. The duo became an
official group in 1996. They fashioned themselves after r&b groups like Jodeci,
boys 2 men and blackstreet. The trio would practice their songs and perform them
at local shows. The boys even started a band using an old drum set left behind
by Cincere and Dg's dad, who sung with the legendary "Drifters". They recruited
high school friends to play the sax and background keys. They sung in church
choirs, all city chorus, and with other groups. Rain joined up with an artist
devolpement/ performance company named R.U. It was there they learned
choreography and received vocal training.

With refined skills and raw talent, Rain began to win many talent competitions
and perform at various showcases in the tri-state area. They impressed people
with accepella performances of chart topping R&B and inspirational gospel songs.
Rain couldn't afford to pay for studio time, so they began to sing their way
into studio sessions. Producers believed in their talent enough to work with
them in good faith. Rain has recorded at Sony Studios, Spin, and a dozen other
studios in NYC. They recorded their first demo with "teflon", a producer for
Ruff Ryders ENT.

In 1999 the boys sent a press kit to independant gospel label Taqa records.
After an all out performance in the CEO's office, the boys got signed and began
recording their debut project entitled "Rain-Get it Right". From the very first
session the guys developed a unique style. They created their own signature
style by blending soulful singing with inspiring words. They mixed that with hip
hop beats and ryhmes. That gave birth to the Rain sound.

The "Rain Get it Right" album established "Rain" as a new sound in gospel. The
project ended up landing a national distribution deal. The album was available
for purchase at major retailors like Virgin Mega store, Barnes&Nobles, Borders,
and mom&pop shops nation wide. With no promotion, Rain left their homes and jobs
to tour the east coast and the south road trip style. They worked the album from
the ground up. They went everywhere playing concert events. Most of these
bookings brought little to no money. In fact, many of them resulted in a loss.
But by following their dream, the boys felt they had everything to gain. They
also played popular NYC venues like Planet Hollywood, Justins (P-diddy's
resturant), Carneige Hall, and many other local events.

After parting ways with the label, Rain continued to push the project on their
own. They submitted a song to Wendy Williams Experience on 107.5 WBLS. This was
the most listened to rush hour afternoon show in NYC. Wendy loved it and played
it on the show for about a month. Getting a song on major radio was a monumental
accomplishment for the group. It gave them more reason to believe.

With new determination, Rain decided to build thier own studio and start a
label. They built the Niar Soundlab and began producing their own music. The
guys began to use every musical ability they had developed over the past 12
years to write, record and produce a project. Having their own studio gave Rain
the creative freedom to explore their musical expressions like never before.
This free reign of musical creativity inspired the title of their new project .

The creative and artistic direction of this project will set a bench mark in
music. Rain displays their multi demensional abilities as artist, songwritters
and producers. The contrast of musical styles is a rarity that cannot be found
in most of todays artist. The lyrical content has timely messages and
inspirational words will connect to listeners in a deeper way. They have refined
their sound and gave it a universal appeal. This project is designed to connect
to many different people in all walks of life. It accomplishes that, and yet
it's still hard hitting. The passion they express makes listening fun. These
guys love what they do! "Rain Unrestricted" captures the intensity of hip hop,
the romance of r&b, and the inspiration of gospel all on one ride. "RAIN
UNRESTRICTED" is a musical treasure waiting to be unveiled to the


RAIN get it right (2002)
RAIN Limited Edition (2007)

Set List

Be like him /get it right
HOT -we on fire/Limited Edition
Marriage-/Limited Edition
Old Man New Man/get it right
Overjoyed /stevie wonder
Never would have made it /Marvin sapp