Rainbow Jackson

Rainbow Jackson


Rainbow Jackson is a 4 piece power pop/garage rock band from Echo Park that likes to turn it up and have a good time.


Rainbow Jackson, the scuzzed-up power pop band from Echo Park, take their name from the greatest American athlete to ever play two sports, Bo Jackson. Band members Chad, Sam, Laith and Andy share a two bedroom house and a practice space with the talented and universally liked band Vanaprasta* as well as a cat, a dog and a small collection of uninvited mice. The band recently recorded a 7” with The Hindu Pirates for Near Mess Records and is working on a follow up to 2012’s Rippin’ Off The Rails EP.

*qualified because Rainbow Jackson is neither.

It may have been about the time that the fat married chick tried to get me to take half a shot out of her mouth that i was like “i need to get the fuck out of oklahoma” – Chad

I could eat like, a hundred burritos right now… – Andy

My bedroom now contains: 5 people, 1 dog, 1 cat, an entire recording studio w/gear, and a full carpentry set up. What else do you think we can fit in here? – Sam

I’m trying to get that feeling in the back of my throat like your girlfriend told you about. – Laith


"Flamingo Starr" single and music video released 4/8/2013

"Rippin' Off The Rails" EP - released 7/3/2012

"Summer Skum" single released for Ruined Summer Zine's first issue

Set List

Summer Skum
Robinson Crusoe
Alone With You
Rock n Roll part 3 1/2
Roy Rogers
Flamingo Star
Holy Shit