Rain District

Rain District

 Bucharest, Bucureşti, ROU


Rain District is a Romanian experimental rock-band, formed in 2007 that blends and cycles through several musical genres, often within the course of a single song, fusing radically different styles together. The band is composed of Alex Purje (lead vocals, guitar and percussion), Stefan (guitar, keys and programming), George (bass guitar) and Alex (drums and percussion). When the four guys gathered, then in a slightly different formula, thought they would have something to say in music. They weren’t wrong because soon the first songs came out along with the first concerts. Immediately, the profile media showed its interest in the potential of the Rain District project and the band received lots of positive feedbacks for its originality. Everything started with a four songs EP recorded in the Next Dog Studio. It was followed by a range of concerts with bands like OCS, Luna amara, Grimus or Go To Berlin. The group is strongly into the belief that a band’s name must say something to each listener. So when Stefan came with the idea to be called Rain District, the other members enthusiastically accepted it. And not just because it has a special resonance, but for the fact that it has the power to change its meaning from person to person, from one situation to another and so on. So that, the transformation parameters tend to infinity. Early in the year of 2008, the band met with a small change of the component. Horatiu (vocal) left the band to be replaced by former Nociv guitarist and front man Alex Purje. This has led the other members to completely forget about what was done before and marked a change in the band’s musical style. The first concert in the new formula, took place on Fabrica Club scene in Bucharest. Public response has motivated the four musicians to persevere, and soon, the concert offers were multiplied and things have gone increasingly better. Thus, for the time being, RD members can honestly say that they live the feeling of fulfillment in music. And that’s why, from now on many beautiful experiences are to be announced under the name of Rain District, which for a year now is one of the most appreciated bands in underground. Of course, all these guarantee an extraordinary performance, in which the four members stream their emotions and the passion for experimental rock with a special feeling of interpretation, put in every note of the instruments and every word spoken or played. On the 23rd of October 2009, Rain District released their debut album called "Sounds I Hide". Therefore, Rain District is a band put on great deeds and hopefully the future projects will prove it.


2009 "Sounds I Hide"