Simply listen to this Charasmatic Cuban-American princess with the voice of an EMPRESS - Royalty at it's finest.


Raine is as beautiful and sweetly exotic as the anticipated calm before a summer Miami storm, Raine is a Latin beauty with the voice of an Angel. Her range is incomparable with the likes of anyone in the industry.

A Brooklyn born phenom, Raine calls Miami her home. At the age of sixteen Raine signed her first recording contract with WEA Latina. Her debut album, “Completamente Tuya”, received wide acclaim and rave reviews all over the Latin world.

Notably so, Raine was nominated for the Best New Artist for the prestigious Premio Lo Nuestro in 2000. That album was primarily in Spanish and now Raine is ready to woo the entire world with her sultry fusion of melodic English R&B with a Spanish flair.

After the calm but before the storm, the World is now ready for Raine the SupaNova…

Her music is currently receiving heavy airplay on the airwaves of Miami. Raine is a perfect scenario for a record company, distributor or club to generate major revenue, create a new fan base and cross-market in this hot Latin Pop/R&B market.


Do U
Baby Com'On

Set List

Raine is an Entertainer, who performs her own music. Raine is fluent in English & Spanish and has over 2 hours of original material. She is ALWAYS ready to perform, however long is required.