Rain Factory

Rain Factory

 Nunawading, Victoria, AUS
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Australian independent band that plays emotive, anthemic rock with an alternative leaning resplendent with big guitar riffs and melodies.


Rain Factory formed in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in the early 1990’s. They played their first formal gig at a local ‘battle of the bands’ in 1990 and after winning that competition the band launched into their recording career with the release of their first EP- ‘Home Street Home’ – in 1991. Inspired by their ongoing success and eager to record more material, the band released their debut LP- the stylistically diverse and hyperactive sounding ‘’Circus’’ in 1993. The CD received impressive reviews from the local press including Rolling Stone, Juke, Juice, In Press and Beat Magazines, prompting one reviewer to sum up the band’s soundscape as “a hybrid noise which could best be described as U2 meets Hunters & Collectors with Midnight Oil spunk”.

Australia’s preeminent youth station Triple J rated the single ‘Solitude’ in the Top 100 of their summer playlist in 1992. Whilst the favourable press reviews and the Triple J airplay were reinforced by strong and enthusiastic audience reaction at live performances, the mid 1990’s saw the band undergo personnel changes with two of the original members, bass player Paul and drummer Sera leaving. With the recruitment of new members, RF continued to develop as solid musicians and performers and refined their lyrics to form powerful songs that appealed to a broad audience. The band’s effort culminated with the release of their pop-ambient EP ‘Birdman’ in 1994 and subsequently their second and last album release, the brooding and harsh glam-industrial fusion sounding ‘At The End Of The Day’ in 1998. The album spawned their first video for the song ‘20th Century Trash’ receiving modest rotation on the all-night music video program, Rage and the band soon after decided to take an indefinite break from the music scene. In 1912 Rain Factory’s original members have once again reunited with a new found vigor, creativity and passion for their music and are currently working on a new album for 2013.

Sonically, Rain Factory is aptly noted for their willingness to experiment with different styles and arrangements. The band’s music is traditional rock with an alternative leaning that is resplendent with big guitar riffs and melodies. Structured fluently and crafted with patience, their songs are thematic and relevant examining the paradoxical nature of bitter sweet love and life. There are some political and social overtones to their songs but the band has never seen themselves as political lobbyists. Rain Factory are more concerned with probing the core of human emotions, notably that of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity.


Soul Train

Written By: Rain Factory

Your spoken words are heavy
Your lips are blue and cold
And your smiling face is turning
Slowly into stone
Did you take another hit darling?
Did you feel the chill?
When will it ever end?

Come aboard the soul train
I don’t know where it’s going
But all I know, it’s worth it
If you take a chance
Come on board the soul train
It’s a one way destination
Will lead us to salvation

Spoken words are wasted
They’re lost on everyone
When all we can’t protect our children
From the monsters and the gun
Did I say too much again
Raise my hands up in despair

Come on, come on, come on aboard the soul train
Come on, come on, come on!

It’s a crazy world, we are bought and sold
We’re just spirits passing by
Are we fools to dream?
Just like Lennon did?
I’d rather be a fool,
Then hope for nothing


Written By: CMoraitis

Accusations, recriminations
They only serve to feed
A hatred looming in your heart
Trapped inside your brain

You walk the empty streets
From dusk till dawn
Searching for some connection
You scream into the echoing night
Cry in the evening sky
When love, love is gone
What’s left is hurt

Hey hey learn to fly
Spread your wings like a butterfly
To cry is natural, to cry is real
Don’t build your love on a minefield

The night arrives with a loaded gun
The door is open, yet you don’t want to run
Captured by something that you can’t define
You’re just a prisoner of your own design
Come on now, push it away
Embrace the light of day

Hey hey learn to fly
Spread your wings like a butterfly
To cry is natural, to cry is real
Don’t build your love on a minefield
Why build your love on a minefield

Love is lust and love’s a thrill
For love we lie and for love we steal
Love is precious and love’s a pill…


AT THE END OF THE DAY (album), 1998

20th CENTURY TRASH (ep), 1996

BIRDMAN (ep), 1994

CIRCUS (album), 1993