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Finally, music you can use. In Los Angeles. Americana roots rock that's funky and fun, jazzy and juiced, sneaking into your heart when you least expect it.

Band Press

Music gets an hilarious shot in the arm – VARIETY

from the songs and the rambunctious, witty performances

[PLEASE NOTE: The following press clippings are from our previous trio work as "Changing Lanes" and "Vocal Affair", before we added 'the Mikes' on bass and drums and became RainPace.]

Music gets an hilarious shot in the arm from the songs and the rambunctious, witty performances of Changing Lanes. Kerry Phillips, who writes most of the group's songs is really on top of the words he writes and plays guitar with the same finesse.

Though most of their material is funny and great listening, Changing Lanes also has some touching ballads.

One of New York City's Top 10 acts – THE VILLAGE VOICE

It's official. The list is in and the judges are unanimous.

Changing Lanes In Concert will be leaping from The Manhattan Punchline to the City Center when the city's Top 10 acts are presented off-Broadway to a nightly audience of almost 3000. They've kept us laughing and tapping our feet for a year and a half now, and it's time to share them with the world.

Recipe for success – THE NEW YORK POST

take a tub of talent, mix with heaps of originality and spike with a jigger of jazz. Add a brimming cup of laughter and blend in a moving ballad. That's the dish of explosive entertainment served up nightly by Changing Lanes.

Fine listening with a twist – THE PLAIN DEALER

presented with an infectious manner that turns it into more than a show: it's also an exercise in sociability and it works extremely well.

To Val Tullous falls the distinction of singing one of the show's best songs, 'City Boys'. She's wisely, uniquely, her own voice, with none of the artifice of customary pop singers. Tullous and Kerry Phillips also delight with two duets 'Obie And July' and 'Romance'.

Sassy, kick-up-your-heels music – THE NEWS-HERALD

Move over Charlie Daniels Band -- you've got company now. Last night, the romance of the South was brought to life in a spectacular show. Wild and woolly, toe-tapping and energetic, versatile and creative -- impressive in every way. Kerry Phillips is as talented vocally as he is on guitar and as a songwriter. Val Tullous' dynamic presence, charm and compassionate voice is an outstanding asset to his music -- she sparkles.

Hand-clapping, foot-stomping good – SUN LEADER JOURNAL

with laconic grace, maintaining a good-time mood throughout the night. They carry the laughs as far as they will go, and thankfully, no further. They have an infectious sound in any breakdown you care to make: solos, duets, trios -- the musicianship remains fine, indeed. Tullous is an especially bright addition to any number but they form an incredibly complementary ensemble, working marvelously together for the benefit of all -- and that is the key to their success.

...They are talented individually but together they are potent and ingratiating in their comedic ways with songs. The joy is in the ensemble.

Sensitive, touching but most of all FUNNY – NEON/THE CURRENT

Sensitive, touching but most of all FUNNY. At times, they almost lean to slapstick but so carefully that it's never overdone. As important as the talent that each of them possesses is their ability to work together: the results were stupendous. Kerry Phillips' material is some of the best to work with, but it takes true talent and great music direction to make it work, and they are to be commended on all three counts.

Kept me in tears -- mostly of laughter – INNS 'N' OUTS

but also from being so moved by their touching ballads. Val Tullous and Kerry Phillips bring the house down with their zany hilarity and then put it back together with their tenderness. In a word: superb.

They wowed our guests – CUNARD CRUISE LINES, QUE2

with their delightful and energetic mix of pop, rock and jazzy bluegrass. They are truly different, with everything from tender ballads to hard-driving guitar, with wacky humor lurking behind every turn. This talented group is going nowhere but up. From Concert to Cabaret, from Floor show to Resort Lounge, we would recommend them for anywhere laughter and music are appropriate.

You can't go wrong with an album like this. – Wildy's World

"...musicianship, harmonies, songwriting and humor in an explosive package of songs that you simply can't ignore"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

EASY LABOR opens with "With Your Permission", a quirky folk duet that quickly grows into an ensemble vocal piece with a wicked sense of humor. The musicianship and vocals here are flawless with a down-home Country/Americana flavor that can't miss. "Mood Wonderful Mood" sounds like The Manhattan Transfer singing material from A William Finn musical. The song is incredibly lyrically dense; you almost need to stop the disc from time to time just to keep up with all the thoughts and ideas thrown your way. It's a great listen. "Easy Labor" is a melodic morality tale told ala Greek Chorus about taking the path of least resistance. "I D'Wanna Do It" is an amusing song about life's greatest ambition for someone who's done it all.

"Oliver Thom" renews the William Finn comparison, a biograph in song for a songwriter who never grew into his outlook. It's a charming tune with harmonies that are to die for. "Sittin' Around" sounds like an alternative take on "I D'Wanna Do It" and is probably a great euphemism for the "this is your brain on drugs" commercials from the 1990s. EASY LABOR closes with "At The Big Table", a song about coming home and family with all the quirks and dysfunction that grease the wheels of love. There's a Crosby Stills & Nash feel to the harmonies on this one, and the arrangement is solid Americana. This is perhaps the best song on the disc; I wouldn't be surprised to find this one licensed for films or even better, I wouldn't be surprised to hear this as part of a stage show.

RainPace match musicianship, harmonies, songwriting and humor in an explosive package of songs that you simply can't ignore. There's a high dramatic sense to the music on EASY LABOR; imagine if Shakespeare were still writing his farces in today's vernacular and had a penchant for folksy music. This is the sort of stuff he might come up with. EASY LABOR is going to be a bit hokey to some readers, but it mixes elements of classic old-style family entertainment with strong songwriting and musicianship. You can't go wrong with an album like this.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)
~Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

Off the wall and completely original – Swift Reviews

"Very rarely do you hear vocal styles that even come close"

Friday, January 22, 2010

California-based band RainPace steps outside the proverbial box with their album EASY LABOR. At first listen, one might think they are listening to the sound track of a Broadway play, however these guys hit it hard with lyrics that make you second guess what you just heard with a subtle flare of comedy that is sure to leave you quite entertained.

EASY LABOR is full of emotion, fabulous instrumentation and, above all, lyrics that are completely unexpected. RainPace has a jazzy feel that's sure to leave you relaxed. At times some of the songs break into unparalleled harmonies similar to the bridges in the classic rock songs of Queen and Kansas.

Don't be fooled though, this is an album you have to hear to really get it. As a great album for hanging out by the pool or warming up next to the fire, EASY LABOR is sure to surprise and hold your attention without overwhelming.

Probably the most prominent feature this album has to offer is the awesome harmonies. Very rarely do you hear vocal styles that even come close to as moving and pleasing to the ear as RainPace has to offer. There is no question that these guys have their own niche market and surely have taken an off the wall and completely original take on their music.

~J.B. Swift, Swift Reviews

Fun, wacky, clever -- ALIVE – Moondream Music Group

"Something of substance that's really interesting ... unique and really well-done ... fun, wacky and clever -- alive."

~Rick Chudacoff, Moondream Music Group

Notable songwriting achievement – Mike Pinder's (The Moody Blues) SongWars

"Notable songwriting achievement ... strong, creative, catchy."
~Mike Pinder's (The Moody Blues) SongWars