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Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Band Rock Jam


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




We currently have our single, "Hey Baby", playing on Saturday nights at AlabamaRadio.org - AlabamaRadio.org

"Recent letter from Hollywood producer"


Thanks for your submission and lead to your MySpace page to our production company. We are intrigued by what we have heard; great songwriting, strong vocal delivery, solid tracks and identity. We know where you are coming from and think you've given us a totally honest shake. Sounds like you are motivated and on the right track. Great band!

The production value is effective for what it is - either a great demo or a small label release. What didn't strike my auditory nerve most surely struck my monkey nerve and that is ultimately what matters most. I would love to keep in touch with you regarding helping you out on this before you throw it to the wolves in the marketplace. You can take what is great here and make it even more so...what I can bring to the party (along with a lot of other valuable career help) is that new ear and perspective in production. You have an amazing vibe and energy that reaches out to me and it sounds like we could make a very successful team together. I would very much like to know more about what your plans and goals are - short and long term.

A bit about us; we operate a full service music production house with a staff that adjusts in size to each individual project. We are also very much available to come to the artist in cases where it makes more sense to record where the artist lives. Many times we will mix back here at TikiTown (with the artist having full approval of the finished work) because we can always stand behind the quality of this facility. But we can discuss these specifics later as we move forward.

We are severely artist oriented and have long standing relationships with both the talent we work with and the labels that they are signed to - major or indie. As for unsigned artists, we are adamantly opposed to the idea of 'spec' deals, because it is our belief that all artists (as stated above) should own their own publishing and masters and those are the very items most sought after in 'spec' deals. There has to be a recording fund that is an 'all-in' figure (to cover all creative/studio costs) that is low, while delivering world-class finished masters. An artist must be able to engage in fair recording/distribution deals without giving away valuable future assets.

When it comes to deciding who to work with, an equal look is given to the quality of the music and the people involved. It may be a world famous artist with major label support or an absolute unknown with that amazing 'something.' If we believe in what we hear and the artists are dedicated and willing to work hard while having a fun time, I'm inclined to want to produce it (schedule permitting). Of course, the bottom line to any successful artist-producer situation is that there be unspoken trust between them. If we believe in each other and the music, time has taught me, it will be great.

So, the door is open if you would like to know more about how we get new talent off the ground and our current schedule of activities for 2009. But whether we work together or not, we wish you good luck in all of your musical endeavors. Gifts like yours are to be appreciated by others.

My favorite track (so far) is 'Fly Away' and that's exactly what I am doing now. Off to Mexico - back on the 20th.

By way of introduction, please dig my shameless bio...




The Beach Boys * David Bowie * Jimmy Buffett * Johnny Cash * Rosanne Cash * Glen Campbell * Eric Clapton * Elvis Costello * Ry Cooder * Robert Cray * Dick Dale * Dave Edmunds * Roky Erickson * Jefferson Starship * Jerry Garcia * Billy Gibbons * Sammy Hagar * John Hiatt * John Lee Hooker * Etta James * Mick Jagger * Booker T. Jones * Patti Labelle * Huey Lewis * Nick Lowe * Mamas & Papas * Steve Miller * Eddie Money * Van Morrison * Aaron Neville * Roy Orbison * Van Dyke Parks * Steve Perry * Pointer Sisters * Bonnie Raitt * Joey Ramone * Keith Richards * Todd Rundgren * Carlos Santana * Joe Satriani * Boz Scaggs * Ringo Starr * Barbra Streisand * Allen Toussaint * Trip Shakespeare (Semisonic) * The Tubes * Joe Walsh * Robin Williams * Carl Wilson * Brian Wilson * Bobby Womack * Stevie Ray Vaughn * Neil Young...


o Has achieved sales of nearly 15 million units.

o Has made several top 10 records in Pop, Alternative Rock, R & B, Country and AAA.

o Has participated in GRAMMY and OSCAR award-winning projects including winning three GRAMMY awards in 2004 and nominations in 2006.

o Has worked in the studio, and/or on stage with more than 60 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees.

o Has been featured several times on MTV as well as in such magazines as; Rolling Stone, MOJO, Spin, Billboard, Gavin, Guitar Player, Modern Drummer, Q, NME, Time, Electronic Musician, Mix...


A & M, Arista, Atlantic, BMG, Capitol, Columb - April 11, 2009


We currently have our track "Hey Baby" playing on Alabama Radio.org on Saturday nights.



Please read our exciting letter from a Hollywood producer under the "Press" tab.


RainrShine plays original songs throwing in some classic rock covers to deliver a tight performance that draws on their Southern roots. It is a combination of a driving rhythm section, two strong guitarist and refreshing new material.

Jay Rainer is the songwriter, vocalist and lead guitarist for the band.

Carrington Moorer lends his smooth rhythm guitar.

Bassist Steven Barnes also lends background vocals to the band.

Aaron Greene plays drums to round out the band. Also credited with background vocals.

Please visit our Myspace site at: www.myspace.com/bluemoonsounds