High-energy rock band that has toured world wide and sold over 10,000 albums independently. In the vein of STP, NIN, and the Foo Fighters. Critically acclaimed live performance and CD. Check out their video playing to crowds of 50,000 people worldwide!


Selling over 10,000 copies of their album Fallen Hero, Rainshine opened for many major national acts such as Sum 41, The Foo Fighters, Filter, and Cheap Trick - to name a few. Their high-energy sound is described as a cross between the Stone Temple Pilots, NIN, and The Foo Fighters. Tracks from Fallen Hero have been spun on over 100 radio stations nationally and internationally. Because of this high exposure, the band was invited to appear at SXSW twice - once as part of the GIG AMERICA showcase and once as the Gorilla Music Showcase. Besides showcasing, Rainshine has also toured both across the US and internationally hitting Canada, Europe, and South Africa, where they performed at Woodstock 4, 5, & 7.

Rainshine recently returned from their 3rd South African tour to support their new release, Never Enough. While in South Africa, they performed at Woodstock, the largest youth orientated music festival in the country.

For their accomplishments in songwriting, Rainshine was awarded the ASCAP PLUS AWARD in 2004, 2006, and 2008. They have won best modern rock band at the 10th Annual Rock City Music Award Show in LA and are endorsed by FERNANDES

To experience a Rainshine performance, check out their video of their tour.


Releasing FEBRUARY 20th - "ROCK NATION"

Never Enough EP-2006
3 song EP produced by Rainshine

Rainshine EP-2003
3 song EP produced by Scott Reibling (Weezer, American HiFi) and Rainshine.

Fallen Hero - 2002
The CD is being spun across the country on both college and commercial radio stations. A list of stations can be provided upon requests. Over 10,000 copies sold to date.

Rainshine - 2000
Sold 3,000 copies of their debut.

Set List

The band has played anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hour shows.