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The minute I walked into the club there was a lot of "electricity" in the air. The place was packed with people of all genres and ages following their favorite band of the night and others just wanting to be a part of this party. Complete with a VIP section with complimentary beer and food the place was full with people dressed in Halloween costumes and just having fun. Some of them I couldn't figure out if they were in costume or it was just them being themselves!! Rainshine had an excellent presentation with a powerful lightshow and yes, a very good live sound. They came roaring into the set with their first tune "Catch You Later." Powerful drumming by Robbie Dempsey and deep grooves my bass player Mike O'Halloran kept the rhythms, one of Rainshine's great strengths alive. Derek 's lead vocals were full of attitude and swag. He knows his voice and writes perfectly for them. Rainshine has an outstanding knack for catching you with hooks and driving rhythms. Derek, a great guitar player, really ripped it up with some funky riffs and did a great job on one of my favorites, “Fallen Hero.” All night they kept the crowd moving with excellent response. The light show really enhanced their performance. I like the way they can break down a tune and keep it interesting while changing rhythms and dynamics. Robbie did a great job rapping on one of they're jams. Complete with slick sequencing he fired up the crowd. They climaxed with their final tune, the title cut off their album, Fallen Hero, an in your face groove with some epic keyboards and primal drumming. They stretched it out to a long jam with Derek ripping it up on his Les Paul. All night Rainshine had the audience jamming to their new sound with excellent stage presence and top notch musicianship. They're new CD Falling Hero is a must for all fans of rock and funk. I look forward to catching them again. Slammin'!! www.rainshinemusic.com

- Alan Andrade

"The Noise"

Tonight is Rainshine's CD release for their new album Fallen Hero. This band sounds like Oasis, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains all in one. They are a loud band; no doubt about that. Do the drums really need to be mic'd at Copperfield's? It totally screws up the sound. The bass is totally lost. Rainshine strikes me as a band that would make a great house band. Not necessarily a cover band but a house band. They have the grooves, hooks, and non-threatening but not too cute looks that gets a line-up of girls in the front row at shows. They could be the band you go see every Friday in the Fenway. You've got the Tom Cruise knock-off from "Risky Business" singing, the tattooed biker guy on drums, and the '70s Dennis Eckersley type on bass. A something-for-everyone line-up that plays something-for-everyone music.

- Unknown

"The Weekly Dig"

Rainshine’s sound fits in nicely with all the Nickelbacks and Creeds currently playing on your radio. Because of their modern sound, they’ve been asked to play in several hard rock festivals, including the Rock Free or Die II festival, alongside Sevendust and Filter. Their shows are rumored to be high-energy events, promoting audience participation. Keep your ears open for their next full-length album, slated for release in October of 2002.

-Erika Gully-Santiago, Weekly Dig
- Erika Gully - Santiago

"Search for the Hidden Gem"

Search for the Hidden Gem (vol# 7)
CD Reviews
By Mike Cavanaugh
Vacation went by too quickly but it’s time to get back to the business of reviewing CD’s. For this next installment I’ve decided to try something different. Instead of looking through the mail bag at the CD’s cover art or maybe throwing a couple CD’s in to get a cursory listen, both of which are how I normally choose CD’s to review, this time I’m simply going to blindly pick 9 CD’s out of the bag and those are the ones I’m reviewing. My version of a blind taste test, and I hope this doesn’t leave me snake bit.
“Radio Z”
Style (rock / alternative)
A while back at a Viper Room show I got a 3 song sampler from the guys in Rainshine and I am ecstatic to finally have the full CD playing on my player. And honestly this is a CD I’ll play a dozen times before I even listen to anything else. Rainshine’s sound is tight, thumps with bass, gets the body and head moving like a pogo stick gone crazy. The guitars and vocals are maniacal, passionately spirited with great attitude and energy, and the lyrics are catchy and stay with you resonating around in your head. The bass licks on this CD are thumpin’, funk rockin’ bass that if I played it through a high powered car stereo while cruising the Sunset Strip I’d cause windows to shatter and mini skirt clad cuties to loose their minds. Completing the trio and giving these strong rock and roll songs their base is the smooth and steady drums. Having seen this threesome live a couple times I can say it’s a rarity to come across a CD that’s produced so perfectly to match and compliment a bands energy and intensity on stage. Some bands produce a CD which piques your interest and then it’s either sink or swim live. Rainshine’s CD is the rarified air adding to and going beyond what these guys do on stage. This is exactly the type of CD I was waiting for from them and I’m sure there fans will scoop this up faster than the new Harry Potter book.
Rating 4 ½ (the band delivered big time)!!! - Hidden Gem - All Access Magazine

"Pick of the Week"

Pick of the Week! Rainshine’s CD release party at Copperfield’s in Boston. - Steve Morse, Boston Globe

"Rainshine Rocks Durban"

....the most stunning performance of all, however, was the jam session at the end of the act- Derek's guitar solo would have made Eric Clapton gasp for air. - Zululand Observer

"Rainshine Rocks!"

Rainshine . .what a damn cool name for a band! After spending years booking, reviewing, meeting, and creating bands I feel like I have heard just about every band name possible, but I saw this today sitting in my to-do pile, and grabbed this from the pile solely because of the name. I put the CD in and thought that Scott Weiland finally released his second solo CD . . Derek (guitar/vocals) has a very similar sound in his voice throughout the first song "Revolution" which is a cool track that got me instantly interested to hear more. - Domain Cleveland

"Review on Waaf"

Fallen Hero! I am falling out of my seat it sounds so good! Rainshine is definitely the best band in Boston with one of the best live performances I have EVER seen. - Carmelita of WAAF

"Rainshine Shines Brightly at the Viper Room"

Former Boston band Rainshine recently headlined at the Viper Room in which they packed in an enthusiastic growing crowd of many new Los Angeles fans. Signed to Cheapjag Records, Rainshine is busy touring both locally and internationally and continuously expanding their fan-base selling over 6,000 copies last year of their 2002 sophomore album “Fallen Hero” breaking their release record of over 3,000 on their 1999 debut. In 2003, a strong 3-song demo CD was released that has been well received, and over 100 radio stations across the country along with the international arena are playing Rainshine’s music. Two videos, “Fallen Hero” and “Revolution” have been released with “Revolution” utilizing footage from concerts over the world, including Africa.

Rainshine kept the sunshine out past midnight sounding better than ever giving a sensational performance comparable with the heavyweights they have played and toured with including the Foo Fighters, Sum 41, and Cheap Trick. With Rainshine’s harmony and smooth post grunge sound, they’re similar to a combination of Nirvana, the Foo Fighters, Greenday, Coldplay, Tool, and Oasis. Being international musicians, they’ve played both Woodstock 4 and Woodstock 5 in South Africa along with The Macufe Rock Festival, and Rainshine played at Canada’s Freedom Rally and were the only American band invited to play at the Canada Hard Rock Weekend. Rainshine also played at the International Freedom Festival along with performing at the Boston Freedom Rally and the Sarnia Bay Festival.

Rainshine has been not only frequently playing the Viper Room while in LA, but places like the Whiskey a Go Go, Zen Sushi, 14 Below, Dragonfly, and The Gig, and they opened up for the Starf*uckers at the Cat Club and had previously played with Metal Skool at the Viper Room. There is a clip of “Walk Away” on their website which is one of their best songs, and they’ve made several friends and fans since they’ve moved to LA and can be seen at the Rainbow or friend’s concerts when they have a night off. Rainshine is frequently asked back to the Viper Room and is heavily endorsed, recently adding Fernandes Guitars to their impressive list. Dirtbag Clothing, Sabian Cymbals, Silver Fox Percussion, and Ahead Sticks are also behind them. This gives Rainshine a new surprise to unveil at their on the house Midnight Viper Show on Saturday, March 19, 2005 as the free January 15, 2005 Viper Room show proves to be a tough act to follow.

Laura Phillips

For further information go to www.rainshinemusic.com.

- All Access Magazine


Releasing FEBRUARY 20th - "ROCK NATION"

Never Enough EP-2006
3 song EP produced by Rainshine

Rainshine EP-2003
3 song EP produced by Scott Reibling (Weezer, American HiFi) and Rainshine.

Fallen Hero - 2002
The CD is being spun across the country on both college and commercial radio stations. A list of stations can be provided upon requests. Over 10,000 copies sold to date.

Rainshine - 2000
Sold 3,000 copies of their debut.



Selling over 10,000 copies of their album Fallen Hero, Rainshine opened for many major national acts such as Sum 41, The Foo Fighters, Filter, and Cheap Trick - to name a few. Their high-energy sound is described as a cross between the Stone Temple Pilots, NIN, and The Foo Fighters. Tracks from Fallen Hero have been spun on over 100 radio stations nationally and internationally. Because of this high exposure, the band was invited to appear at SXSW twice - once as part of the GIG AMERICA showcase and once as the Gorilla Music Showcase. Besides showcasing, Rainshine has also toured both across the US and internationally hitting Canada, Europe, and South Africa, where they performed at Woodstock 4, 5, & 7.

Rainshine recently returned from their 3rd South African tour to support their new release, Never Enough. While in South Africa, they performed at Woodstock, the largest youth orientated music festival in the country.

For their accomplishments in songwriting, Rainshine was awarded the ASCAP PLUS AWARD in 2004, 2006, and 2008. They have won best modern rock band at the 10th Annual Rock City Music Award Show in LA and are endorsed by FERNANDES

To experience a Rainshine performance, check out their video of their tour.