Rain -The Quiet Storm

Rain -The Quiet Storm

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

Every so often in music, we are granted the opportunity to witness an artist that literally offers us a chance to remember why we fell in love with the urban culture known as Hip-Hop. Today, there is a major void in the industry; lyrical content and quality performance have been set aside for quantity and fast-paced mediocrity. The demand for genuine musicianship along with passionate artistry is at an all time high and leading this movement of premiere artists on the rise, is Rain -The Quiet S


Rain started writing poetry and performing in the local Cleveland Hip-Hop scene in 1996. She decided to debut her lyrical skills after being influenced by pioneers like, MC Lyte, KRS ONE, Wu-Tang, Nas and Lauryn Hill. Early in her musical development, she realized that a major catalyst in her artistry would come from her environment and personal experiences. Through the music that she writes and performs, the message of positive change and empowerment speaks to people from various cultural, economic, and social backgrounds. She is ambitious, calculating, and provocative; her natural mystique compels listeners to pay attention when she graces the stage, as they become captives to her live performances. Rain has the uncanny ability to bring relevancy to any topic embodied within her music. Her socially conscious messages challenge the music industry to recognize and promote artists, like herself, who are making a meaningful contribution to enrich society through quality music and education.

Although she is already an accredited professional with several national certifications, she tirelessly continues to work as an ambassador for the evolution of Hip-Hop. Rain’s goal is to utilize this urban culture as a means of promoting political and social change, like the pioneers that preceded her in this lyrical art form. She is well aware of the impact that her music will have on enthusiasts globally and is gearing up to revive the industry….


APR 2011 - Recorded an international single “The World Keeps Spinning” with TJ “Phatboy” (Stadfordshire, England)
APR 2011 - Featured Artist on the song “Fallen Angels,” which is featured on Judah Priest’s album: “Valley of Kings”
MAY 2011 - Featured Artist on Bronze Nazareth’s upcoming album: “School for the Blindman"
JUN 2011 - Featured Artist on Kevlaar 7’s upcoming album: “Die Ageless” -
JUL 2011 - Featured on the song “Rapture” with Dilated Peoples, which will be featured on the upcoming album “The Academy 2”