rainy day

rainy day

 Roermond, Limburg, NLD


The band 'Rainy Day' is formed by the Dutch singer/songwriter Stan Peters (1965). Stan started his career at the age of 15 and has been performing on stage ever since. In 2009 he formed the new band 'Rainy Day' consisting of Ruud Delissen (basguitar), Ruud Peeters (guitars, mellotron, fenderroads farfisa and many more beautiful instruments) and Joep Peters (drums, backing vocals). In October 2010 Rainy Day released its first EP 'Black Flowers'.
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christian's song

Written By: stan peters

Did I wake you up, you sleepy head…?
And Disturb your peaceful dreams.
You see I came ‘round to visit,
The ones that love you most.

I hope this world will treat you right,
Cause there’s a lot that you don’t know !
I hope this world will treat you fine,
Cause there’s so much sorrow, ..you don’t know about

Your father poured some coffee,
Your mother took you downstairs,
She placed you on the sofa,
Your eyes trying to get used , to all that sudden light.

I hope this world…..etc

I’ll be ‘round when you’re older,
My door will always be open
Yeay I’ll be around when you’re older’
My door will always be open,