Rainy Day Manual

Rainy Day Manual


Out of Memphis Tennessee comes one of the fastest crowd conjuring multi-talented Rainy Day Manual. With their eclectic arrangements, polite manners, and luscious fragrance, RDM will set the mood for a mesh of 10 to 10,000.


Top influences include Questlove (Ryan), Elton John (Chris), The Red Hot Chili Peppers (Isaac), and The Beatles (Seth). Enough said.

What sets us apart from other bands is that we prefer to play quietly... so you can like hear all the instruments... so its like, not a bunch of noise?

The band instills the ideals of their mothers and fathers and honors the club/venue we play at with the utmost respect. One will be pleased to converse via telephone with the band, and hopefully meet them in person. Furthermore, the band would like to think of themselves as professionals and expect to be treated as such. RDM is a small business and understands that they have a 75% chance of failing, however, they consider themselves in that 25% remainder of successful.


Rainy Day Manual - Lullabies of Love and Hell
Due March 16th 2007

Set List

Shapes And Numbers
Paper Wizards
Drum Solo
Get It, Got It, Good.
Best Way About You
The Letter Pt 1
Lullaby's of Love & Hell

Letter Part 2

*covers are being uploaded ;)
*can fill an hour agreement