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"Ode To The Wicked"

Why cry out to the damaged landscape any longer? It's populated with the fey and callous, and returns only dull echoes of our honest intent. The psyche turns inward and muddled, and we stumble through the fallen light only to discover that we stumble…But then again, some proto-human impulse lingers in the center of our heads, by the brain stem. It's a
slack-jawed, single-willed drive to "rock the shackles from our
hackles,” as it were. In this semi-somnolent state, we discern a hint
of a reason to wake and stretch, like transcending freaks, to the
blossoming, murderous sun.

Yes, friends, it really is Raised by Robots. The ripping Telecaster,
manic skins, cross-eyed bass lines and mellifluous pipes dement us to
bliss: the psyche is plumped like a feather pillow, and sonic wizard
bolts fly unfettered from our collective ass. The smug, horn-rimmed and effete duck and drop to their concave bellies. Raised by Robots, fueled as they are by dangerously excessive musical appetites, free us from the stupor of the day-to-day, the slog, the oversized hills and dales of daily "life.” Their trick is not to obfuscate or to "lead us down the path,” but to strikingly reveal the shit and the sham and to JAM it out of the cosmos. Oh and to see them LIVE!

Raised by Robots in a frieze of rock, past and future: a pick in a
blurred downstroke, upraised stix and the hard rock throb of serious
bass. The skip and dance of their tunes will ignite your protoplasm—
you'll be drunk on the sheerness of it all. Please friends, don't turn
it down, turn it OUT!

Marty Soda, Fanpants Music
All Hallow's Eve, 2007 - Fanpants Music

"Raised by Robots- The Auctioneer"

Reputedly composed of two landscape architects and a chemical engineer, San Francisco trio Raised by Robots shares its discovery of the ultimate in after-work creativity on the kitchen sink debut The Auctioneer.

The album at first falls prey to a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder, but further listening reveals a rather fun fusion of genres. Verses may start out in the key of rock, but that’s only before choruses groove into rap, stage dive onto punk and slow dance with soul. The bass-guitar-drums instrumentation remains impermeable throughout the shifting styles and numerous time changes of the album’s 12 high-energy songs, sometimes weaving a hip-hop beat into a surf guitar riff (“The Graveyard Shift”), other times allowing a grave punk intro to spark a catchy indie pop melody (“Cynicism”). Singer/guitarist Cameron Spies, who often employs talky double-tracked vocals, isn’t afraid to get gutsy behind the mic. He adopts both a Justin Timberlake falsetto and Dose One mile-a-minute rap within the span of “A Corporeal Complex.” However, such a compelling vocal presence paired with hyperactive, attention-grabbing music often leaves Spies’ lyrics lost in the shuffle.

Album standouts include “6ircles,” which seduces with equal parts Red Hot Chili Peppers funk ballad and TV on the Radio soul song, the subtle “White Eyelids” whose urgent breakdowns and Isaac Brock staccato shouts enter Modest Mouse territory, and the contemplative “There Is Always Something Better,” which offers a sparseness that finishes the record on an epic note. While too many ingredients may initially detract listeners looking to taste a more cohesive recipe, The Auctioneer’s unique and infectious spirit makes Raised by Robots’ prognosis look good. (Self-released)
- West Coast Performer Magazine


'The Auctioneer' - Raised By Robots (January 8, 2008)

Unreleased: 'Disorganization Will Save Us All EP' - Raised By Robots (2009)



Raised By Robots is a rock and roll band from San Francisco/Oakland that suckles lovingly on the teat of multitudinous influences - among them early 90s indie, soul, post punk, country, and hip hop - and ameliorates that disparate mash into a sonic reformation that Zeus would be proud of. RBR takes nods from certain acts - Why?, Okkervil River, Al Green, Johnny Cash, Thee More Shallows, Menomena, Jamie Lidell, Ms. John Soda, Tapes N Tapes, Sly, The Flaming Lips, The Arcade Fire, DJ Shadow, Damon Albarn, The Beach Boys - but have created something wholly unique. This band also believes strongly in an energetic & charismatic live show, which it has brought to fans all over the bay area and up and down the west coast.