Raise The Bridges

Raise The Bridges

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A sunny blast of hip hop and rock; Raise the Bridges bring party music with a purpose!


Drawing from a deep pool of musical inspiration, Raise the Bridges sound like a party teetering dangerously on the edge of being out of control. Of course, this is the carefully constructed vision of this funky Portland-based hip-hop hybrid. A full band backs two separate vocalists, mixing elements of reggae, ska and rock n' roll, helping to provide a high energy soundtrack for the clever wordplay, intelligent lyrics and sing-a-long choruses.


Raise the Bridges - Debut LP
Fuel For Recreation - LP

Set List

Our sets typically range from 30-55 minutes and almost never feature any covers. Some of our originals included in our set are:

Jack Swerve
Oregon Sunday
Fuel For Recreation
No Regrets
The Dude
Lie, Lie, Lie
Tell You
Five Feet Down
Come Home
The Music
Real World (New)
Put It On You (New)

Plus many more