Raise the Bridges

Raise the Bridges

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Raise The Bridges kinetic blend of ska, punk, rock and hip hop leaves dancefloors crushed and covered in beer. Their nonstop party vibe is equally at home on campus or in the club. With singalong choruses and deep riffs, these boys bring the crowd along for the wild ride every step of the way.


Drawing from a deep pool of musical inspiration, Raise the Bridges sound like a party teetering out of control. Of course, this is the carefully constructed vision of this Portland-based hip-hop hybrid. A full band backs two vocalists, mixing elements of punk, ska hip hop and rock nÂ’ roll, helping to provide a high energy soundtrack for clever wordplay, intelligent lyrics and sing-a-long choruses.

A sunny blast of hip-hop and rock, Raise the Bridges are a cross over of party rock and ska/reggae with a metallic edge to it. This is one of those bands you lose your voice screaming along with, suckinÂ’ back a few more then you thought you would after a long week.

Performing together since summer of 2008, these longtime friends relish in providing party music with a purpose. Check out their live show for a truly entertaining and exciting experience.


Fuel For Recreation
2010, Taxidermy Records

Raise The Bridges
2009, Taxidermy Records