Raising Kane

Raising Kane


Raising Kane is a hard rock band that uses insane riffs to drive their songs. There are many influences represented throughout our songs that all come together to create a blend that has never been heard before by the ears of the world (and yes..the world has ears). Raising Kane is solid rock music!


The month is January and the year is 2005. It is a bit chilly oustide but not chilly enough to hold off the fury of rock. Raising Kane is born this fateful day. It started out with only 4 members originally. The four members played around St. Louis for about a year and a half before the band realized that they needed a lead singer. They started looking and eventually came across a young lad named Drew Morris. The band immediatly started playing shows and doing some recording. Raising Kane have shared the stage with many rippin' bands like Whole Wheat Bread, Kill Hannah and Quiet Drive (just to name a few). They are now in the process of recording a full length that will be sure-to-please. Raising Kane has a very energetic live show that is very entertaining. They are a band to watch for sure!


Salvation - EP

Set List

Originals: Set in Stone, Reborn, The End of Days, Fight, Salvation, Swept Away, No Escape, Shades of Grey, The Reckoning

Covers: Walk, Crazy Train, Rooster

We can play for an hour or so.