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"Raized EP demo review"

Ray of beaming vocals
with an Eighties vibe
RAIZED is the solo project
of music graduate Ray
Ray has been playing
for 20 years or so and
during that time has played with
a variety of cover bands, been a
sideman for a number of jazz
units at the Cork Jazz Festival
and also played with the likes of
“I’ve been playing covers for
years and never sang,” he exp
l a i n s.
“This whole writing and
singing thing is something that I
have never thought of. If you had
said to me two years ago, ‘you’ll
be writing songs and you’ll be recording
an album’, I would have
said, ‘no, I’m not a singer’. I don’t
even do backing vocals.
“People used to stick microphones
in front of me at gigs and
I’d go ‘ugh’. I’d stand back from
the microphone and I’d say, ‘no, I
don’t sing’.”
The whole singing lark occurred
through his three-piece
cover-band Azzurro.
“When there’s only three of
you and you only have one
singer, it makes things a bit
s p a r s e.
“You really do need to have a
bit of variety and I said to myself
I’ll try it. I started off singing a
few covers and I actually enjoyed
Ray’s next step was to build a
studio. His starting point was to
buy a PC and load it with recording
“I was able to record a verse or
two, go back and listen and say,
‘ok, well I don’t like that, I don’t
like that, I do like this section’.
And I got very good at editing the
m u s i c. ”
While he uses a variety of effects
for the lead guitar, he only
uses basic reverbs and delays for
vocals. Despite the negative connotations
of being a cover musician,
Ray maintains that you
learn what makes songs work.
With a demo album under his
belt, he is currently planning his
debut album.
“Genres are such a negative
thing because everybody gets put
in a genre. If they can’t categorise
you, they put you into alternative
or something. I think what
I’ve done with the music so far is
a mix of pop and indie and a little
bit of rock here and there but it
does span all of them. I haven’t
actually found one particular
Ray listens mostly to
guitar-based music such as Snow
Patrol, Foo Fighters, Kaiser
Chiefs and Stereophonics but
what he is striving for is the
Raized sound. For more, log on to
- Evening echo / downtown


Ep Due for release in August 2006



The Raized concept is the creation of Ray Murphy, a Cork city based musician who works with a number of successful bands. The material on his site is a work in progress and the songs on the music page are all original compositions. The music thus far has been in the making for a year.A professional musician for the past number of years he has performed on stages all over Ireland, England, Sweden and Germany. During recent years Ray has played bass with many well known musicians such as Donovan and Micheal o Suilleabhain and also as a side man for many well known jazz musicians at the Cork Jazz Festival. A fully qualified musician he has a Batchelor of Music degree from University College Cork and has also completed a masters course in Multi-media at U.C.C. While this musician is known mainly as a player of both double and electric bass his musical instrument arsenal includes Euphonium, Guitar, Piano and a wide range of ethnic instruments.