Our music forms the foundation for a new genre that we trademarked and call "New Paradigm" music. Each song shares an enlightening, life-enhancing message supported by musical styles that range from R&B and Hip Hop to Orchestral.


Raja Music Bio
Raja is an innovator. As a lyricist and song crafter, his focus is on creating and sharing messages of inspiration and enlightenment. Utilizing various musical formats to underpin his unique style, Raja has fostered a new genre, which he terms "New Paradigm Music." While the "New Paradigm Music" genre is in its infancy, Raja envisions it as a format for facilitating the efforts of conscious musicians and spoken word artists worldwide. Though music has been a life-long and central part of his core expression, Raja began sharing his music in performances with his group "I AM Unlimited or 'I AM U,'" back in 1995. With the release of his "The Voices of Change are Calling Out My Name" CD, in 1996, the groups efforts and influence expanded beyond the local Atlanta, Georgia area, to include a tour of the Southeast, as well as several performances in Ohio (Raja's home state), Tucson, Arizona, Washington, DC and Canada. While maintaining the support of I AM U, Raja's latest effort is as a solo artist, having recently completed a double CD project titled: "The Art of Living: What Do I Think About It?" Raja's primary objective is to create and share music that speaks to our collective humanity and moves us to pursue our best selves and live after our highest nature. If you are interested in music with soul substance and style, you won't want to miss Raja!


"The Art of Living: What Do I Think About It?" is a 31 track, 2 CD project (5 instrumentals) that features songs written by Raja, and born of his inspiration to share his insight into our quest to live out our life purpose.

Set List

I typically do one set; though I am open to more. My set normally lasts an hour and a half, and includes 10 songs.