Oliver Rajamani

Oliver Rajamani

 Austin, Texas, USA

Oliver Rajamani's sound is a blend of Texas, Indian, Roma/Gypsy. It is classy, exotic, unique and magical.


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Oliver Rajamani is a Texas musician. Critics have distinguished Rajamani: as an artist who has redefined Roma/Gypsy Music by taking it back to India (homeland of the Roma/Gyspy) to its original roots and literally destroying borders as well as blending Indian and Gypsy music with Texas country and blues to create a new exotic musical sound for Texas. Rajamani sings in English, Spanish, and other languages of India.

Rajamani's unique musical sound is the synthesis of ancient traditional elements of the 'Romani trail.' From India's melismatic folk chants, strings and drumming to the raw Arabic tones of the oud and to the spirited torch of traditional Spainish Roma/Gypsy flamenco. Rajamani takes his audience on a spiritual and historic musical journey from India through the Middle East into Europe portraying the journey taken by the Roma (Gypsies) from their homeland of India dating back to 1000 A.D.

Rajamani has performed/recorded with International artists such as , Gypsy Kings(Grammy winners and Rumba Flamenco ), Willie Nelson (Texas country), Eric Johnson (electric guitar legend), Edie Breckell (singer songwriter), Glen Velez(Grammy winner), Aloke Dutta (renowned Tabla mastero), Paravai Muniamma (Tamil folk sensation), Bob Livingston(Texas Country), Lourdes Perez(Costarican folk singer), Austin Troubadours(Early music of Europe) and many more. He has recorded/performed with Roma/Gypsy artists such as Dotschy Reinhardt ( the grandaughter of the famous Django Reinhardt), Rumen Shapov, and many many more.
He has also given musical accompaniment for great poets and story tellers such as Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, David Whyte and renowned German children aurthor Paul Maar. Rajamani has also performed for the Maharajah(king) of Jhodpur, India, Gaj Singh II, Lama Khen Riponche, Prince of Qatar.

He has been interviewed by the BBC World-NPR radio station by Steven Cueves, Sony Prime TV "Andaz", Dhoordharshan nation Tv of India, Tamil Jaya Television Station as well as numerous international magazines and radio stations.

In 2008 Rajamani was a nominee for the prestigious US Artist award.

Rajamani is an international touring act having toured in India, USA, Canada, Burmuda, Germany, Israel, and Nepal.

Rajamani projects:
1. Moonlight Tanz
Moonlight Tanz features Rajamani with his western orchestra and dancers from the Indian, flamenco, MiddleEastern and ballet traditions. Rajamani takes the audience into an exotic world blending the eastern and the western classic sounds and rhythms. This is a classy concert presentation.

2. Texas Gypsy Fire
Texas Gypsy Fire features Oliver with his 7 Texas artists performing his new and unique sound. This is a great rocking show. Oliver carries the exotic musical torch representing the vibrant international communities and cultures of Texas and the whole of the United States.



Written By: Oliver Rajamani

This is an original of Rajamani. The lyrics of the first four lines in the intro were taken from FedericoGarcia Lorca's poem "Cueva" from the book "Poema Del Cante Jondo" pages 34 and 35.

The song speaks about the earthly beauty, life, and all that it carries. It carries not only happiness but also pain. And with every emotion we blossom into better beings remembering to keep that eternal fire burning within us. Even when the rain hits down hard (or life is hard) we must live to experience the sweetness in pain by saying "bravo!".

The Gypsy evokes
Remote lands

Over the cracking voice
His eyes travel.

From Spain to India
From India to Spain

After it is done
We blossom
After it is done
The sound of rain hits hard
The sound of rain hits hard
In my soul dear
You are there, You are there

Josiyam Solley

Written By: O. Rajamani

Gypsy lady look at me and tell me my fortune
Give this broken heart some strength

Like a peacock I have danced the dance of love and lost
In the future will there be a field for me to sow my seed.

My blood is boiling
My heart is beating very rapidly
I feel like fainting
and I run with the thirst for love

Like a Dove you have flown away and forgotten me
Love will you ever fly back to me again


Written By: O. Rajamani

RecheMama where are you going come hither girl

I have forgotten love in my heart
In my mind I have forgotten love
Now all I do now is beat on my drum.


Written By: traditional Tamil folk

Near the mountains my baby
The storks have landed my cooked parsley.
A girl of age has be caught.

I was born around the regions of Madurai.
My name is Veerepandiyan
Katabomban baby girl.

Rumba de Rajamani

Written By: Rajamani

My eyes went away from me
following a dark girl who went by.

She was made of black mother-of-pearl,
made of dark-purple grapes,
and she lashed my blood
with her tail of fire.

After them all I go.

........From Pablo Neruda poem
"El Inconstante"

Alli Ellam

Written By: Rajamani

Oh Peacock! are you forgetting your lover.
Oh KuKu bird! are you leaving your cage.
Like the desert my soul is boiling.
In my garden only grow thornny plants.

Look into my heart
Only tears of blood
It is withering like a rose flower
I have my mother earth
I have the sky
But without my love
My mind suffers

Oh rivers! your fish have all died
Oh plants! you have not your green color.


Written By: Rajamani

I go home with a storm raging in my head.
In the world there is to much of caste problems
In the world there is to much of religious problems
Keep God in the mind
Trust the heart and not the world so much for if you do you only have struggles.

I float like a ship on the waves of life.
The waves of religion try to sink me
The waves of culture, race etc try to sink me but i float on due to the great ones mercy.

I fell inside a hole you pulled me out
I have travelled the world and listened to all the stories people have to say about life and God and i forgot was truely God means.
Now i trust in the words of Yeshua and live life in peace.
Drunk in God!
so you may say Allah! I say long live
you may say Buddha! I say long live
You may say Brahma! I say long live
You may say Jesus I say long live
May we all live long.


Pakiam released 2000
Words from Within (Music and Hypnosis) 2000
Sabas released 2004
Forty Days 2007
Forty Nights 2007
The Two Lovers 2010
The River Between 2010 (Music and Hypnosis) 2010
Rajamani with the Rosetta Strings Live! 2011
When Ilusions Fall (Music and Hypnosis) 2011
Texas Gypsy Fire 2012
The Dancing Horse 2012

Rajamani's music has received international radio play and has been reviewed by the national BBC (The World) radio as well as a personal interview with Rajamani and his ensemble regarding the music.

Set List

The Rajamani live shows vary depending on the venue and its requirements.