Rajeev Wins

Rajeev Wins

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Quality music, good times, and real life shit for any crowd from a real diverse dude who has been around the world a few times. Not the next chapter in hip hop, but a separate page from a whole new author. You in or out?


Now we could sit here and tell you guys all about Rajeev's life, how he grew up all over the world, and who his favorite artists are...but we'd would much rather tell you about why you definitely need to be more concerned with getting Rajeev Wins in your iTunes playlists.

He could easily rap about selling drugs, shooting people, doing new dances, spreading a political message, and all that mess. But he would much rather show you how to have a good time with your friends, get drunk, and get laid. When Rajeev puts on a performance, you're going to get more than just some dude spitting his random bars over beats. He puts on a show that you will want to go tell your friends about. Everything is linked together and flows like a movie. His main goal is just want to translate the excitement he gets performing for a crowd through his body language and music.

Rajeev consistently hosts and closes out Hip Hop nights in Omaha, and also performs in Florida and Texas through the year. He make songs for people to enjoy regardless of what they're doing, or going through. Be sure to check out his music and videos, and lets keep making positive moves!


Gary Stu Livin (2010)
Chinese Food (2010)
DJ Don Cannon presents: Bachelor Shit (2011)

Set List

The Answer
Karate Fighter
Margaritas and Gummybears